Safe Clever Trading is a high frequency neural and institutional trading robot at the broker regulated Vantage FX.

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News fromAutotrade Gold, Dinar Wahyu Kenzo and the company Pantheratrade.

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Following market manipulations, Raidem is struggling to perform this month of June.

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FxWinning took Turbo down with KYC validation. Waiting for withdrawals.

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Financial and algorithmic news - June 2023

This month of June 2023 unfolds to familiar tunes, similar to the past two months. Markets are once again rocked by intense manipulation, fueled by continuing economic problems and a series of disturbing announcements. It's time to take stock of the current state of the market and find solutions to deal with inflation.

Fed interest rate escalation
Fed interest rate escalation

The global economy under pressure from high interest rates.

Global economic growth is expected to slow to 2,1% in 2023 due to growing financial risks, making job creation difficult and putting emerging and developing economies at risk. The most vulnerable countries face increasing debt pressure and struggle to access international financial markets. Low-income countries face major fiscal challenges and high public debt, with limited spending on vulnerable populations.

The world of trading has been damaged since the beginning of 2023. What about trading algorithms?

Economic instability continues to weigh on financial markets, with increasing volatility worrying investors. Major economic issues, such as the increase in raw material prices, the shortage of certain products and the increase in production costs, have created a tense atmosphere in the markets, also impacting the analysis of robots.

The situation is exacerbated by market manipulation, where influential players seek to profit from these problems by manipulating asset prices. This manipulation creates a distortion in real prices and amplifies the volatility already present in the markets. Central banks play a key role in adjusting their monetary policies. Some have already started raising interest rates to dampen demand and control inflation.

Trading bot with Chat GPT
Safe Clever Trading Results

Safe Clever Trading 4.0 🏆

Safe Clever Trading - SCT 4 - a high frequency trading algorithm developed by a team at FrenchTech, recently launched its newest version at the Australian broker Vantage FX. Specifically designed to follow the fluctuations of the gold market and counter the deliberate manipulations associated with it, SCT 4.0 is positioned as a sophisticated tool at the service of experienced investors.

Result for the current month (no negative day): + 8,74 %. DC less than 1%

An aggressive version of SCT is being tested + 33,44 %.

Trading bot with Chat GPT
Safe Clever Trading, institutional and neural trading robot coupled with an AI.


Raidem is a French trading robot, known for its speed 10 times faster than traditional platforms. It performs many transactions per minute on the broker Eliom with the objective of a monthly gain of around 11%. The Raidem team offers users compound interest on their earnings and also offers a 2-tier network marketing system, providing additional benefits based on trading volume made.

Result of the current month: + 11,51 %

Raidem Trading bot
Raidem Trading and its broker Eliom

Turbo 🙅🏼‍♂️

Turbo shutdown. Investors are advised to collect their entire investment from the broker FX Winning. After several KYC issues at the broker, the Turbo team is stopping their services to position themselves on another trading service in the coming months.

Turbo Trading bot
Turbo is off.

Autotrade Gold

For the moment, the CEO and his team are setting up the digital transformation of the company in the form of a new company that is perfectly framed legally. Thereafter, they will have to validate the individual indebtedness of each member in the form of an APH (acknowledgment of debts) which will most certainly be transmitted by the Forkan via a new GForm. No date or deadline has been announced. ATG and WK News.

ATG Trading bot
Wahyu Kenzo is in Jakarta for his business revamp
A godfather, a godson

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