The high frequency trading robot at Eliom FX

Raidem is a French trading robot known as High Frequency because of its speed, which is 10 times faster than traditional platforms. It is capable of executing dozens of trades per minute on the broker unregulated Eliom. Raidem's objective is to achieve a monthly gain of around 11%. The Raidem team offers users the opportunity to benefit from compound interest on their winnings. Moreover, they offer a 2-tier network marketing system, which allows users to earn additional benefits depending on the volume of trading done.

Raidem Tutorial
raidem screenshot trading robot


Price of the first Raidem license


Minimum deposit on Raidem

± $

Recommended minimum investment

± %

Expected monthly gain

Advantages of the Raidem robot

Availability of funds

Manage and control your own funds at the broker unregulated Eliom FX. Only you have access to your placement on the dashboard of the broker : initial fund + compound interest + gains generated.

automatic trading

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required.

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Currency market

Solution developed by trader Guillaume Duportal.

yield 10%

High efficiency

Passive income around 11% per month.

robot test

Strong experience

More than 8 years of trading including 1 year for the general public.

robot accessibility


Start the experience with a minimum capital of $ 600.


Tracking tool

Results on the dashboard of the broker Eliom FX.

Trade Forex with a super fast robot

High frequency trading
with Raidem

Results since June 2022 on the currency market. We analyze very correct performances with a DD in 2022 not exceeding 5%. THE Raidem's MyFxBook does not display the DD in 2023 so a little mistrust at this level.


Have a Crypto account

Platform allowing you to buy and sell your cryptocurrencies but also to pay for your Raidem license.


Register on Eliom FX

Once the license has been paid, you will receive an email to link you to the broker Eliom.


Deposit on the broker

Depending on the license chosen, you will be able to deposit in crypto, fiat currency, etc.

Raidem Tutorial

How to register on the robot Raidem ?

Licenses are available for life. Their purchase is made with crypto: BTC, ETH, LTC, MATIC, USDC (Erc 20) and USDT (Erk 20). In terms of fees, I recommend payment in Litecoin (LTC). If you are more familiar with stablecoins, prefer USDC orUSDT on the Ethereum network (ERC 20).

raidem bot purchase license registration

Raidem Tutorial

How to buy your Raidem license?

All licenses purchased via this site allow you to benefit from exceptional discounts on the price of licenses. This will be ideal for testing the Raidem robot while saving as much as possible.

  License price Minimum deposit Max limit
$ 100 $ 500 $ 5000
$ 250 $ 500 $50 000
$ 1500 $ 500 $300 000
$ 7500 $ 500 no limit
Raidem Tutorial

Buy your license in Cryptocurrency ?

Use the address provided under the QR Code. Raidem does not necessarily expect the exact amount, you can round up but always above what is requested. Check that the Gas charge does not impact the asking price.

Once the license is paid, you will receive the instructions to connect to the Raidem Pamm.

raidem buy crypto license