08th February 2023

News - Pantheratrade v3

Discover the latest news about trading bots Pantheratrade: ATG 5, ATC, ATO, CTE and ATFx. Currently, a maintenance and an administrative blockage have been in progress since January 2022. The maintenance has been planned to solve the technical problems of withdrawals as well as to put in order the new Indonesian financial laws. Technical developments are complete for V3. The legal agreements of the regulators were validated at the beginning of September but there are still some official papers to hold for a resumption of withdrawals. Thanks to Dinar Wahyu, Nicky Haryasyah and his team for all the efforts already made.

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Autotrade pantheratrading robot

Today, 08th February 2023

  • We are impatiently awaiting the official email from the CEO when everything will be validated for both the company and the Indonesian government.

You will therefore be notified on Telegram of the resumption of withdrawals in LEGO when we get the green light from society Pantheratrade.

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Team Pantheratrade
February 2023

The associative groups PPADT and Forkan offer their support to Dinar Wahyu Kenzo

The regulations surrounding trading robots are still being developed and are creating a lot of constraints for the ATG team. It is because of this that the dates and terms of withdrawal are still not communicated to investors. Indonesian trading robots will be governed by the Future Contracts Companies regulations, which are themselves being finalized.

@CANALCOMATG Video Zulfikar Fx

Thanks to :

  • Putu Edi Sugiharta (President of Forkan)
  • Idaman Gea (Forkan Advisor)
  • Gilank Adv, Adinata Putra, Tumiran, Krisnadi Soesilo...
meeting forkan atg
February 2023

CEO Dinar Wahyu expects good news in the coming days

Since January 27, the robots no longer trade and the MT4s are out of service following the current maintenance. The CEO shared on the ATGI group the arrival of future good news. All processes are ongoing and cannot be explained in detail. It's the last straight line.

An update has been made on the site https://pdki-indonesia.dgip.go.id concerning the ATG robot. The others should be soon.

All the founders, leaders, lawyers linked to ATG gathered this Saturday, February 4 in Jakarta.

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many good news coming atg pantheratrade
January 2023

Indonesian zoom between Dinar Wahyu, Gilank and Krisnadi

There was a zoom again this Saturday, January 21 at 17 p.m. Indonesian time between Dinar Wahyu, Gilank an active investor on ATG and Krisnadi (lawyer). They recall that the current legal situation does not allow withdrawals to be made yet, but things are progressing. Withdrawals should start with the LEGO, if technically possible, and perhaps later in USDT if legal process permits. ATG is on the right track but they have to follow the regulations and the legal process imposed by the regulator. The date of the withdrawals is not yet fixed and it is not dependent on the leader of ATG.

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zoom youtube dinar wahyu Gilank Krisnadi
January 2023

French focus on the situation of the CEO and ATG

Dinar has fulfilled all the demands and requirements of the regulator. We are awaiting a signature of approval from the regulator at the end of January 2023. The money is not frozen, it is simply not mobilizable since the law has not yet been signed. It is therefore totally useless to attack the CEO.

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zoom metting dinar wahyu
December 2022

Zoom Meeting ATG

2 zooms were set up and Dinar Wahyu participated for a few minutes to explain the current issues. Unfortunately, the total lack of transparency does not make it possible to fully understand all the blockages or even to be able to help them concretely. Dinar Wahyu tries to comply with all applicable regulations. We are just asked to be patient until everything is unblocked.

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zoom metting dinar wahyu
November 2022

Investigation underway for Dinar

Dinar Wahyu was indicted on November 18, 2022. For the moment, there is nothing critical. Let the investigation continue. V2 and trades were blocked for 1 week but are now operational again. The technical team is working to put V3 online as soon as possible. It seems to be delayed by technical difficulties, among other things, related to requests from regulators. MT4 accounts are still pegged to V2.

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indictment dinar wahyu
October 2022

The robots ATFx et ATO are available on V3

Version 3 of Pantheratrade is completed. The management of licenses, batches and the 2 new robots (oil and forex) can be managed from this new version. ATFx (Autotrade Forex) and ATO (Autotrade Oil) trading robots are deployed on the new platform Pantheratrade V3. The robots trade in their respective markets.

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pantheratrade oil autotrade
September 2022

Validation of regulators for Pantheratrade

On September 2, 2022, Indonesian regulators validated the trading robots Pantheratrade. The technical team is waiting for official documents, fixing minor bugs and preparing to deploy the exchange Pantheras and possibly V3 at the same time.

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regulation pantheratrade atg
August 2022

Finalization of the V3 de Pantheratrade

Version 3 of the site Pantheratrade is almost complete. It will be implemented soon and tested for a few weeks. This new version of the site Panthera will allow the automation of withdrawals in USDT, BTC and ETH (after government approval), the management of the affiliation and its referrals, the management of licenses, etc. Above all, it will allow you to manage withdrawals with many crypto transactions. Combination of crypto technology with forex.

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V3 pantheratrade atg
August 2022

27 miles transactions running

The tests highlighted the proper functioning of the automatic withdrawals on the 4 phases announced by the team. The transfers were made in LegoCoin in order to have the correct follow-up of each transaction.

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transaction usdt lego pantheratrade
August 2022

Roadmap and end of maintenance

The roadmap concerning technical developments has been sent to us. We are coming to the home stretch for a recovery in October / November. The entire team complied with the requirements of the Indonesian government. As announced on Telegram, 4 crucial points block withdrawals:

new Indonesian laws (pending)

Unfreeze bank accounts (pending)

optimization of the customer database (work completed)

crypto withdrawal automation (work completed)

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roadmap of pantheratrade autotrade gold
August 2022

Central server maintenance legomarket

There has been maintenance at LegoMarket at the central server level. The histories have been removed and the accounts are now associated in order to carry out the same trade for all.

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central server legomarket atg maintenance
August 2022

2 new brokers regulated for indonesian investors

To comply with Indonesian regulations, ATG must be operated in brokers regulated in Indonesia. After Soegee FX, it's Laba FX's turn to trade with ATG 5. Non-Indonesians remain on LegoMarket for the time being.

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SOEGEE Futures Regulated broker atg
July 2022

Refreshing links Pansaka, Pantheratrade, ATG and ATC bot

Some URLs may vary during maintenance. You will find on the button below the last links allowing you to access the site Pantheratrade, Pansaka, ATG bot and ATC bot.

Update links

pansaka pantheratrade official website
July 2022

Testing of manual withdrawals in Legocoins

Still on version 2, withdrawals from certain investor accounts are made manually. Operational test on Forex and Crypto system. The EA tests were carried out at the broker Soegee and the results are positive.

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manual legocoin withdrawal test
June 2022

Dinar Wahyu Kenzo appoints Nicky Haryasyah new CEO of Pantheratrade

Opening of a new head office in Dubai for non-Indonesian investors. Nicky Haryasyah, the new CEO, is in charge of the organization and the growth of the company outside Indonesia. He performed tests on current bugs and server-side scalability. Mr. Dinar Wahyu Kenzo manages more the legal part in his country. Start of cooperation with Indonesian regulated broker Soegee to operate ATG.

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exit plan pantheratrade autotrade pansaka
May 2022

Exit from Legocoin on Coinstore

Legocoin has been introduced on some exchanges like Coinstore. The LEGO token remains a test cryptocurrency for transactions. Certainly, they want to develop it for new projects internally, most certainly for the payment of licenses, the addition of capital on Pantheratrade or the purchase of NFT. We don't have concrete information at the moment but here is the Lego whitepaper.

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legocoin on coinstore
April 2022

Partnership with coinstore

The payment gateway Coinpayment failed which led to the end of the partnership. Opened a new partnership with Coinstore for the purpose of settling crypto transactions. Implementation of a new payment gateway system. This must be recoded from A to Z.

A group of Indonesians filed a complaint against the company without understanding that it was about legal blockages. This fear will lead to legal proceedings impacting the smooth running of V3 and future withdrawals.

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coinstore partnership
March 2022

Pantheratrade activate V2

New version of the site Panthera with withdrawal and deposit. The mass of withdrawals generated bugs with illegibility of identification TX. This version is unfortunately unworkable and a V3 is necessary to satisfy all members in order to make mass withdrawals.

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pantheratrade version 2
February 2022

Migration of customer data and reporting to authorities

The Indonesian government is taking a close interest in the leaders of Pantheratrade and Pansaka in particular to Dinar Wayhu, current CEO. After auditing the situation, the robots are real and can continue to trade but they will have to comply with the next laws that will be released in the coming months. During this month of February, Panthera started migrating data from Version 1 to Version 2.

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duplicate customer database autotrade gold pantheratrade
January 2022

The government is attacking trading robots by freezing all associated bank accounts

Several trading robots have been targeted by the Indonesian financial authorities: DNA Pro, IPC, Fahrenheit, Evotrade... Rightly so, given the number of scams linked around this ecosystem. Many fake robots have therefore stopped their activities and some leaders have gone through prison.

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