Automatic Crypto Robot

Maximize your profits with a Crypto arbitrage robot.

Currently, the crypto market offers the most encouraging prospects. Arbitech appears solidly positioned to prosper without encountering major difficulties. The team is responsive.

Arbitech is a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot that uses artificial intelligence to earn passive income 24/7. The Arbitech CISA Trading Bot finds opportunities to make profits by buying low on one exchange and selling at a higher price on another using large monetary volumes. Your earnings are made in crypto USDT. The few tests carried out in recent weeks show an average of 30 to 50 trades per day with a success rate of 73%. A minimum deposit of 200 USDT is to be expected to start trading on Arbitech.

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Arbitech Crypto Arbitrage Trading Robot

Discover CISA’s automatic crypto arbitrage

A platform as simple and intuitive as the first version of ATG Pantheratrade to generate passive income in automatic mode and in partnership with Binance. Arbitech offers profit sharing between 10 and 40% depending on your capital, an amount already included in your daily earnings ranging between 0,65% and 1,5%. Monthly gains mostly exceed 20%, especially in the current economic context with crypto.

automatic trading arbitrage

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required

crypto arbitech

Crypto Market

Artificial intelligence buys cheaply and sells more expensively

yield arbitech live

Yield 20% / month

Daily passive income. 30 days of effective trades

arbitech February 2022

Official opening

Start of crypto trades since February 2023

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Start with $200 USDT :
license + capital

arbitech live

Tracking tool

Results available on the Arbitech official website after registration

CISA Arbitech Arbitration Bot Results

Because a few pictures are worth a thousand words.
Automatically trade crypto BTC (bitcoin), BNB (binance), ETH (ethereum), LTC... facing theUSDT.

The company is remunerated through a sharing of profits depending on the capital invested.
Between $100 and $5.000 of capital invested, the PS is 40%.
Between $5.000 and $50.000, the PS is 30%.
More than $50.000, the PS is at 20%.
Over $500k, PS at 10%.

ARBITECH Crypto Arbitrage Trading Robot
ARBITECH Crypto Arbitrage Trading Bot
ARBITECH Bitcoin BTC Arbitration Trading Robot
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Let's start the tutorial Arbitech

To start the adventure at Arbitech, you must have a cryptocurrency account such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase,, Ledger ... to get started and transfer your 200 USDT (license + capital). Then fill out the form opposite:

Arbitech's head office is located on Samuel Lewis Avenue, Obarrio, Panama.

Register on Arbitech

PDF tutorial

binance arbitech tutorial
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Deposit min. 200 USDT on Arbitech

Click on Walletchoose USDT and the associated network. Arbitech will give you the deposit address USDT linked to your account.

Filing USDT on Arbitech

arbitech user deposit
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Move the USDT on the Trading Wallet

Click on Wallet Exchange, Move your USDT from Main Wallet to Trade Wallet, a minimum of $100 is required.

Add USDT in Trade Wallet

arbitech wallet trade
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Start the CISA robot Arbitech .

CISA = Crypto Interchange Smart Assistant

Click on Subscriptions and then click on the Subscribe Now button. This will allow you to use the CISA arbitration robot for 3 months. You will also find a license offer at $20/month (limited in number of trades).

As soon as you have subscribed to the CISA offer, your funds located in the Trading Wallet are blocked for 3 months, until the end date of your license subscription.

Subscribe to CISA - Arbitech

arbitech cisa subscriptions
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Complete the procedure with CISA (2/2)

Click Subscribe Now to start the robot.

arbitech confirm automation subscribe
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Robot timeline

On this page, you can observe the progress of the CISA robot's trades over a period of 24 hours, before having the final summary of the day's gains. After the 24 hours have passed, you will have to wait an hour to restart the timeline and the trades and see the score for the past day displayed on the dashboard. Therefore, you will get the score of your winnings every 25 hours.

Timeline tracking

arbitech subscription data
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Withdrawals on Arbitech

To make a withdrawal, move your USDT du Profit Wallet to Main Wallet. On the page Withdraw, you must plan to register your crypto address (1). This is a withdrawal address in USDT on the ERC 20 or TRC 20 or BEP 20 networks. Once registered, indicate the amount you wish to recover (2). Two dollars of fees will be expected and taken from the Main Wallet. Withdrawal can be completed within a few hours, including weekends. A confirmation email is also sent. You will receive your funds in less than 2 hours.

Make a withdrawal

arbitech withdraw
Arbitech Live Tutorial

Compound interest with Arbitech

To benefit from the benefits of compound interest, it is necessary to transfer the accumulated profits from the "Profit Wallet" account to the "Trading Wallet" account as often as possible, ideally every day. Each time you do this, your trading activities will increase in strength, allowing you to make bigger and bigger profits.

Exploit Compound Interest

Follow some links dedicated to Arbitech:

arbitech profit wallet compound interest

Arbitrage trading dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

Learn about arbitrage trading

Arbitech is a cutting-edge crypto trading platform that uses artificial intelligence to help investors capitalize on price differences between different exchanges such as Binance for example.


High frequency trading coupled with artificial intelligence.

High frequency trading

Through Arbitech, investors can leverage the power of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, which continuously analyze the dynamic cryptocurrency market to identify profitable opportunities. Arbitech's system detects price discrepancies between exchanges and enables high-frequency trading that offers the potential for minimal risk and high returns.


Trading carried out by robots and supervised by traders.

Crypto Trading Bot

One of the main advantages of Arbitech is the elimination of emotion and human error from trading decisions. Arbitech's AI-powered platform executes trades quickly and automatically, without the biases and inconsistencies that human traders may experience. This automated approach ensures a consistent and disciplined trading strategy, maximizing the potential for sustainable profitability.


No investor intervention is required.

An automatic trading robot

Arbitech is designed to meet the needs of traders of all levels, from seasoned professionals to beginners. Arbitech's user-friendly interface and automated trading features make the complex world of crypto arbitrage trading easy to navigate. By optimizing strategies and streamlining execution, Arbitech enables investors to make the most of every trading opportunity.


Arbitech wants to empower investors in digital assets.

Automatic Passive Income

The company believes that everyone should have equal opportunities in the crypto market, regardless of their level of expertise. The platform levels the playing field, providing every investor with the tool needed to thrive. The company prioritizes simplicity and efficiency, offering a user-friendly interface and automated trading features that optimize strategies and ensure flawless execution.