Pay in Crypto 💳

Which are the best Crypto cards of the market ?

Did you know that it is possible to pay for almost everything with your crypto bank card: food, gas, leisure, amazon, plane tickets, travel...?

Here is a tutorial and comparison of the best crypto bank cards on the market. Find out how they work, their advantages and cash back methods. Discover crypto cards Binance, Trastra, Wirex, and many more later.

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A bonus CB Crypto card and IBAN

💳 Trastra

Trastra is a financial company based in Prague, Czech Republic. With Trastra, you have your own crypto debit card but also your own IBAN number to send and receive transfers in euros. The daily limit of your purchases with the Trastra card is capped at €8 per day.

Step 1 / Trastra

Opening an account Trastra

Order your Trastra card

Trastra is very intuitive and very easy to use, both on a computer and on your application.

You can open an account very quickly if of course you are an adult. Registration will take no more than 5 minutes.

You will have to fill in the various fields requested such as name, address... then add your up-to-date identity document: identity card, passport or driving licence. It seems to me that your residence card is also accepted.

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Step 2 / Trastra

Activate your crypto addresses and order your CB Trastra card.

Once your account has been validated, you can order your crypto card. This costs 9€ but it is possible to get it for free depending on the promotional moments of the company. Count on average 7 working days to receive your Trastra bank card.

After receiving and activating your card, the next step will be to activate your various crypto addresses and then deposit your funds there:

Your coins will be located in a Wallet folder and will then need to be transferred to your Card account.

trastra deposit funds crypto
Step 3 / Trastra

Transfer from your Wallet account to your Card account

Your Card account must be in euros. This means that you must first convert your cryptos into euros to place them on the Trastra Card account.

To perform this transformation from crypto to euro while placing them on the card account, follow these steps:

Choose the crypto address where you have this asset and then select the card account.

Indicate the amount of crypto you want to convert into euros.

Validate the form. Your card account will then be credited.

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The most used CB Crypto card

(I.e. Binance

Tutorial coming soon

5 crypto cards to smile at the bold

💳 is a company made in the USA. 5 cards are available to you depending on the number of CRO tokens you save with them over a minimum period of 6 months. Benefit from rewards for each purchase made with them but also from advantages with their partners such as Spotify, Netflix, Prime Video, Expedia or Airbnb.

Step 1 /

Opening an account

Order your card

Think of the Visa card as a prepaid card, ie a debit card. You can top it up using bank transfers, other credit/debit cards or cryptocurrency.

The alternative CB card

💳 Wirex

Wirex is a company domiciled in Croatia. Wirex gives you access to a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies with unbeatable OTC exchange rates, DeFi-powered earnings, and next-gen rewards in WXT currency.

Step 1 / Wirex

Opening an account Wirex

Order your Wirex card

Buying, storing, transferring and exchanging cryptocurrencies with secure and versatile Wirex wallets requires almost no technical skills.

Registration is very simple.

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