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International Secure Pay

Déclarez vos revenus résiduels crypto chez ISP et percevez des bulletins de salaire légalement. ISP est une société de portage salarial international implantée en Angleterre. Si vous percevez des commissions, des rentes ou des gains provenant d'investissements passifs à l'étranger, International Secure Pay est l'entreprise adéquate pour officialiser tous vos revenus en nom propre.

Ideal for all people who generate commissions with automatic trading robots, earnings with DeFi, etc.

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International Secure Pay

Declare all your passive income as an individual

Register on International Secure Pay - ISP - the ideal solution to legally declare your international passive income from annuities or commissions from the development of MLM networks, or crypto gains from trading profits. Obtain salary slips valid in your country of residence.

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ISP is non-binding

You can use ISP whenever you want, either occasionally or on a regular basis (month, quarter, year).


Carrying costs at ISP

Management fees vary according to the annuities received. For a pension level lower than 50.000 € in the calendar year, the costs amount to 7%. Between 50.000 € et 100.000 €, they amount to 6%. Beyond 100.000 €, they amount to 5%. A monthly commission of 19,90 € is applied to the participant who carries out at least one money transfer for the month in question.

The ISP porting service cannot be used to declare works, services or purchase resale activities. Payments cannot be made in cash or by check.
International Secure Pay

What is the international wage portage at ISP?

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The portage allows you to develop your activity without the risks and costs associated with the creation of a company. Portage is a three-way relationship between you, the company and the International Secure Pay business. The portage company collects your earnings, annuities or commissions and pays them to you in the form of a payment slip after deduction of management fees.

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International Secure Pay

How much does the service cost international portage at ISP?

The management fees depend on the annuities collected, between 5 and 7%, which is infinitely less than the fees related to social charges in France, for example. (unemployment, retirement and sickness contribution).

When paying your tax notice, you will have to pay your social charges, which amount to 9,2% in France. You do not have any charges mentioned on your ISP payslip but you will have to pay them during income tax. As the charges are minimal, you will therefore have to provide yourself with greater health coverage and your supplementary pension.

Up to 65% charge for a VDI (Independent Home Seller)

25% for a micro-enterprise
(limited in load but also limited in turnover)

45% for a sole proprietorship

65% for SAS

45% for an LLC

Between 5 and 7% fees at International SecurePay + payment of CSG (9,6%) to be paid at the same time as income tax, once a year.

International Secure Pay

Who can use the services of the company International Secure Pay ?

- Anyone with an international business, ie one or more customers outside your country of residence. There is no minimum or maximum income required to become a client of ISP.
- For any mission generating passive or residual income (amount paid regularly in return for a service according to the terms defined by a contract).
- Registration with ISP is very simple, you will need to send a photocopy of your identity document, proof of address and bank details to receive your payments.

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International Secure Pay

How to make a crypto transfer declaration with International Secure Pay ?

ISP allows you to declare your cryptocurrency earnings. Your transfer declarations appear as validated when the funds have been received on the ISP accounts. A confirmation is also sent by e-mail. Bank checks are performed daily.

International Secure Pay

How to make a bank transfer declaration with International Secure Pay ?

ISP has provided a dedicated form for this operation. Be sure to use this form to declare each bank transfer that you or your client makes to the company's IBAN. If you receive annuities from several clients, or if you receive several payments, each declaration must correspond to a single bank transfer.

International Secure Pay

Where is the company located International Secure Pay ?

ISP is based in London, at 19 Leyden St, London E1 7LE, United Kingdom. The name of the company is TAKARABUNE LTD.