Secure your cryptocurrencies

Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto is a physical steel card with the dimensions of a credit card. It is a digital safe dedicated to your cryptocurrencies. Extremely intuitive and easy to use, Ballet Crypto allows you to store your cryptos, but also to exchange them for other cryptos accepted by the Ballet company. Be careful though, the private key is engraved there. It is therefore recommended to hide it in a safe place, such as a bank vault for example.

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Secure Cold Wallet

Secure your cryptocurrencies

Keeping your cryptos on an off-network Cold Wallet means you are not subject to hacking, since only you have access to your private key. Let's see in detail how to use it.

On the Ballet store, you will find cards of different prices, different colors, as well as prepaid cards in BTC to offer to your friends.

Step 1 / Ballet Crypto

Order your Wallet

Buy your Ballet Crypto Card

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A Crypto Wallet from Ballet is a steel card simply allowing you to store your cryptocurrencies. If you want to spend them, you will need to transfer them to an exchange that has a debit card such as Binance,, Trastra, Wirex, Monolith, or even better: SDR Money.

Pre-install the application on your smartphone:

receive your crypto ballet card
Step 2 / Ballet Crypto

Zoom on the map Ballet Crypto

  1. QR code allowing you to register your Ballet Card on the mobile application.
  2. The private key is used to send cryptocurrencies from your Ballet card to another address.
  3. Map reference. The codes must be identical.

The QR code sticker is intact and unaltered. The wallet's scratch off passphrase is fully intact and untampered with. If the QR code sticker or passphrase appears to be exposed or tampered with, it is important not to use the product. If you have any concerns, please contact the support to get help.

Remove the stickers (QR code and Passphrase Scratch-off) as soon as your card is registered on your smartphone.

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Step 3 / Ballet Crypto

Areas to detach of your Ballet

  1. QR code allowing you to register your Ballet Card on the application. This sticker will be detached as soon as your card is connected to your smartphone.
  2. QR code allowing the receipt of Bitcoin on this card. Do not detach this sticker.
  3. Wallet Passphrase to mine your cryptos.

ballet crypto private key entropy qr code

Step 4 / Ballet Crypto

Scan the QR code of your card.

Download the app Ballet Crypto on your smartphone. You will be able to scan the QR Code present on your card in order to save it.

Once the operation is done, you will be able to add cryptos and then make deposits, withdrawals or swap cryptos between them.

ballet crypto dashboard scan crypto
Step 5 / Ballet Crypto

Add your cryptomonnaies and the associated network.

On the Dashboard of the application, click on the desired card then click on the link at the bottom: Add more coins or tokens.

Ballet Crypto provides you with around fifty cryptocurrencies and the associated networks. You will therefore find as a network: Ethereum ERC 20, Tron TRC 20, Binance BEP 20, Omni, Polygon, etc.

The available tokens are TRX, ETH, USDT, BNB, USDC, XRP, ADA, MATIC, DOGE, LTC, BUSD, DAI, SHIB, LINK, UNI, FIL, CRO, SAND, etc.

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Step 6 / Ballet Crypto

Receive, Buy, Exchange and Send your cryptomonnaies.

To receive crypto, click on the Receive button, select the crypto then copy the address provided.

To buy crypto, click on the Buy button, select the crypto, indicate the amount and pay by CB or Apple Pay.

To exchange crypto, click on the Exchange button, select the crypto that will be offloaded and the associated amount, indicate the crypto that will be exchanged. It is imperative to pay gas fees with the crypto to be swapped. To be able to make exchanges, it is necessary to have a minimum of crypto to carry out the operation.

To send crypto, click the Send button, select the crypto, provide the address and the amount to send. Transaction costs will also be taken into account.

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