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Buying, selling, securing or storing your cryptocurrencies becomes child's play with the exchange Binance. Discover a complete tutorial, technical advice, the essential map Binance Visa usable at all merchants as well as BNB crypto and its cashback system of up to 8%.

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Binance. Modified on 2024-02-24

The exchange n ° 1 in the world.

Binance is a company listed for over $ XNUMX billion. Like any exchange, it allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies against other cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, tether ...) or fiat currencies such as the euro or the dollar.


Over 15 million users

Each year, more than 15 million users buy and exchange nearly $ 2 billion in Cryptocurrency on Binance.


A Visa bank card

With Visa Binance, you can convert and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies at over 60 million stores and businesses around the world.


Interest while saving

Deposit and keep your cryptocurrency. While earning interest, you have the flexibility to make withdrawals or transactions at any time.


600 cryptocurrencies available.
A daily trading volume of 2 billion dollars.

Buy and sell cryptos in minutes on Binance. Join the world's largest crypto exchange platform. Discover part of theecosystem Binance and its associated cryptos.

Available on Mobile (Android and IOS)

Available online on Computer

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Tutorial Binance

How to register and open an account on Binance ?

Register on Binance

Start registering by following the different steps. Then go to your mailbox to validate the email sent to you Binance. Click on the link it contains to validate your email address, which will allow you to activate your account.

Once back on Binance, click on the link "Login".

I recommend you go to the URL: This page will allow you to start securing your account.

Once your account is validated, you can also search for the application Binance in the Apple or Android Stores to continue the procedure.
registration binance
Tutorial Binance

How to secure your account and wallet on Binance (1/3)?

We will now secure your account to prevent any hacking. To do this, go to this URL:

Several levels of security are recommended such as Google authentication coupled with Email authentication. As soon as you exceed several hundred euros in crypto, I advise you to acquire an additional ledger such as YubiKey.

Google authentication.
This is a free mobile application that allows you to generate an activation code every 30 seconds. I highly recommend it.

Email authentication.
This is an email sent by Binance composed of a 6-digit code. For each transaction, you will need to enter this code. On the other hand, I do not recommend Google authentication coupled with SMS, prefer email instead.

security binance
Tutorial Binance

How to secure your account with the KYC of Binance (2/3)?

In order to take full advantage of the services Binance and lift the restrictions, you will have to validate your KYC (Know Your Customer). You will be able to accept and withdraw larger amounts, order your CB Visa Binance, access the Launchpad and Future trading.

To do this click on the Vérification of identity. This is a 2-step process. You fill in the necessary fields then you will send one of the requested attachments (double-sided identity document, or passport, or driver's license.)

⚠️ Be careful, they look at the expiration date, the quality of the photo, and all the numbers if they are identifiable. If there is a refusal, they do not necessarily tell you why, but I have just quoted them to you.

KYC binance
Facial check on Binance

Secure your account with facial recognition (3/3).

This is the last step. From your computer or phone webcam, you will have to follow the instructions. Take off hat, glasses, etc. Your face should be positioned frontally in the circle provided for this purpose. They may ask you to blink, rotate your head, look right and left ...

You will receive a response whether the step was successful or not. In which case, it will have to be redone until it is validated.

facial recognition binance
Tutorial Binance

How to buy cryptos on Binance Wire Transfer ?

If you want to acquire cryptocurrencies on Binance from a bank transfer (sepa), click on the tab "Buy cryptos, then Bank deposit".

Indicate the currency of the transfer

Make sure you are in SEPA transfer

Follow the procedure... Indicate the amount you wish to transfer then click on Continue.

Your bank account name must match the name registered on your account Binance.

Please include your full name in the Reference/Remark section of your bank transfer.

Wait 1 to 3 working days for the order to be processed and thus see your euros on Binance.
bank transfer binance crypto

Binance will provide you with the bank details of its service provider Paysafe Payment Solutions Ltd.

Beneficiary Name: Paysafe Payment Solutions Ltd

IBAN: LU524080000093706721


Name of the bank : Banking Circle

Bank address: 2 Boulevard de la Foire, 1528, Luxembourg

Reference: Your First Name + Last Name

Buy crypto on Binance

How to buy cryptos on Binance with his bank card?

Buy crypto with credit card

If you want to invest and therefore buy cryptocurrencies on Binance from a bank card (visa, mastercard), click on the tab "Buy cryptos, then Bank / debit card".

Indicate the amount in euro of the desired transaction

Indicate the cryptocurrency you wish to acquire. By default, I advise you to buy USDT. From theUSDT, you can buy any other type of cryptocurrency. Binance will offer you a default list including bitcoin (BTC). So if you want to buy Bitcoin, select Bitcoin, of course.

Select your Credit card or New card, then Buy now.

purchase cryptocurrency bank card binance
Buy crypto on Binance

How to buy USDT on Binance with his credit card?

THEUSDT Tether is the most popular and widely used stablecoin by traders in the crypto market.

Go to the page:
Buy Cryptos> Credit / Debit Card

Indicate the amount in euro of the desired transaction. Between 15 and 10.000 euros

In the next field "Receive", click on the icon (BTC by default), then search for the crypto by typing USDT

Then click on the buy button USDT.

A new page will open. If you haven't already added your credit card, Binance will ask you to enter it. You can also pay with the Google Pay service.

purchase USDT Bank card binance
Tips and tricks Binance

How to instantly convert EUR into USDT on Binance ?

By default, Binance does not offer you the EUR_ pairUSDT in the trading area. But be aware that the URL exists and that conversion is possible.

For the EUR_ pairUSDT :

We are now going to sell his euros for USDT by placing an order on the "Market".

Select "Market".

Above the "Sell EUR" button, you have a Range to move. By moving it to the right, you indicate the number of euros you want to sell based on your total stock.

Click on the "Sell EUR" button. An order will be given and you will then obtain USDT.

Go back to Wallet> Spot Wallet. In your Crypto balance, find the line USDT, you should have the number ofUSDT request.

coinbase crypto bank transfer
Tutorial Binance

What is my crypto address USDT, BTC, ETH ... on Binance ?

If you want to know your deposit addresses for your different cryptocurrencies, follow these instructions!

Go to Portfolio> Spot Portfolio

In the "Find an asset" field, indicate for example USDT.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a table presenting this asset.

Look on the right, in the Action column. You will find links. Click on "Deposit".

Under the QR Code, you will find a string of characters. This is your cryptocurrency address in the searched currency.

know your crypto spot address
Tips and tricks Binance

How the purchase or sell Cryptos on a limit order?

Public chat Binance, it is possible to buy a Cryptocurrency at a desired amount, it is still necessary that it arrives at the price that you mentioned and that there is sufficient volume of exchange to make this purchase.

Let's take an example from this url:

We are now going to buy THETA with USDT at a desired price.

Select "Limit".

In "Price", indicate the amount in USDT that you are willing to buy to get 1 THETA. Here the price is 0,6029. If you want it cheaper, enter for example 0,5.

With the cursor, indicate under the field "Amount" the number of THETA that you wish to obtain according to your reserve ofUSDT. In this example my reserve is 0,5076 USDT.

The "Total" field indicates the number ofUSDT that you are going to spend.

Click Buy THETA.

buy crypto limit

When you have validated, a purchase order will then be carried out for an indefinite period as long as the purchase parameters are not adequate. You can cancel your order at any time:

⚠️ Your Limit order has not been placed?
This may be due to too long a decision time. Refresh the page, and put less than 95% at the cursor.

Tips and tricks Binance

How to sell or buy Cryptos on an OCO order?

Public chat Binance only, you can trigger OCO (One-Cancels-the-Other) orders. You can thus, buy a cryptocurrency at two different prices, for example when it breaks a resistance or when it touches a support.

For my part, I practice OCO orders mainly for sale. In this specific case, it is assumed that you already have the desired cryptocurrency to carry out the OCO sell order. If not, please buy your crypto on a Limit or Market order. You will therefore be able to place your Take profit and your Stop loss in the same order. When one of the two is activated, the other will be deleted.

How to place an OCO order on Binance ?

Go to place an order, select sell then OCO in the stop limit tab.

Fill in the 4 fields: price / stop / limit / amount:
- the Price field: allows you to sell to the target
- the Stop field: allows the triggering of the stoploss
- the Limit field: this is the sale price of the stoploss (liquidation price)
- the Amount field: this is the amount in crypto you want to sell

Finally, click on the Sell button to place the OCO order

⚠️ Please note that the Stop field must always be greater than the Limit field

OCO order Binance

Tips and tricks Binance

How to retrieve the TXID of a crypto transfer on Binance ?

Whether on the website of Binance or on the app, head to "Wallet" then select "Spot". To facilitate the search, use the search field and type in the name of the desired cryptocurrency, such as "USDT". Then select this cryptocurrency.

You will find below the list of transactions carried out as well as the associated amounts. Select the transaction you are interested in, then press the "Copy" icon next to the TXID field to save this information.

TXID binance
Tips and tricks Binance

How to use your Visa card Binance ?

With Visa Binance, you can convert and spend your favorite cryptos in stores and businesses around the world. All you need to do is transfer your cryptocurrencies to your Card wallet on Binance.

Visa binance
Tips and tricks Binance

Contact an advisor agent Binance

From the web version, click on the chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen or on "Online assistance" for the Desktop application. On the mobile application, go to your profile (top left) then select Help & Assistance and finally Chat.

Procedure for using livechat and being put in touch with an agent:

Select the category that corresponds to your problem or the one that comes closest to it

Specify that your problem is not resolved by clicking on the thumb down

Tap exit if you see more questions that don't match your problem.

Leave a message describing your problem, it will be sent to support, no need for SPAM, one message is sufficient!

support binance angel agent advisor