Binance CB

Visa credit card

With Visa card Binance, you can convert and spend your favorite cryptocurrencies in over 60 million stores and businesses around the world (plane tickets, hotels, Amazon products, restaurant, Carrefour, grocery store, bakery ...). All you need to do is transfer your cryptocurrencies to your financing wallet on Binance. The CB of Binance is free and allows contactless payment.

Register on Binance and apply for your Visa card
Visa credit card Binance

Maximum daily limit to the distributor

Maximum daily limit per day

cryptocurrencies in your wallet

from 1 to %

cashback retroceded for all your purchases

Benefits of the Visa card Binance

Availability of funds

You can pay in euros, but also in BUSD (stablecoin; stable currency backed by the US dollar) or with 9 cryptocurrencies of choice present in your wallet such as Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano ...

no charges

No hidden costs

Your card Binance Visa is completely free, with no additional costs.

cashback binance


Up to 8% retrocession on your purchases thanks to your BNB.

fiat currency binance

Crypto / Fiat Conversion

Convert your cryptos when you need it.

security binance

Security of transactions

All the funds on your card Binance are protected according to the strictest security standards of Binance.

cryptomonnaie binance card

Crypto payment

10 cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

notification binance blue card

Account follow-up

Receive a sale notification in seconds on your app Binance.

Step 1 / Binance

Register with Binance.

Binance is the largest centralized exchange. The company was opened in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (CZ), located in Hong Kong. Over 300 cryptocurrencies are traded daily. Binance has SAFU insurance, making it possible to cover its users in the event of crypto theft via its platform. This centralized interchange has been translated into almost all languages.

Free registration on Binance

registration binance Visa
Step 2 / Binance

Order your Visa credit card Binance.

To get your credit card Binance, must have validated your KYC on the platform. As soon as you are recognized and your account is secure, you can apply for your Visa credit card Binance free of charge within 7 to 30 days to receive it.

Order your Visa card Binance

order visa card binance
Step 3 / Binance

Activate your card Binance and obtain its 4-digit Pin code.

You will receive your card Binance by mail. You will need to activate your Visa card on Binance and your 4-digit code will also be available on the platform. You will be able to make your purchases online (amazon for example) and in all the stores having a terminal of purchase (payment by credit card).

To validate your credit card Binance, proceed as follows:

Connect to the platform then go to the page dedicated to the credit card Binance.

Click on the activation button. Depending on your security mode, you will need to provide the various codes requested (email, sms, google authenticator).

Click on the "Display pin code" button to find out your 4-digit secret code.

visa card letter binance
Step 4 / Binance

How to turn crypto into BUSD.

On your Spot Wallet, you have Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other crypto for example. We will now transform them into BUSD to block volatility and place them on your Visa card Binance.

Go to the page:

In the first field, indicate the crypto you want to transform and the quantity. In the second field, indicate BUSD then validate the operation. You will have a few seconds to complete the transaction.

Come back to Spot wallet to check that you have the BUSDs requested.

Bitcoin to BUSD
Step 5 / Binance

Load your wallet with carte Binance.

Now you will have to transfer BUSD or part of your crypto from your Spot wallet to the Card wallet.

To perform this manipulation, proceed as follows:

See you on the Card wallet

Click on the "Transfer" button. A popup should appear.

Choose the currency you want to transfer from your Spot Wallet to your Card Wallet.

Indicate the amount to be transferred. You can choose all by clicking on 100% or a value of your choice.

Finally, click on Confirm

You can change the order of the balances by dragging and dropping. In this example, euros will be spent before BUSDs. Remember that cryptocurrencies are subject to large price fluctuations. I therefore advise you to use the BUSD stablecoin equivalent to the dollar so as not to suffer these variations on your CB Visa account.
CB card wallet binance
Step 6 / Binance

Benefits and Cashback Binance.

Keep BNB (Binance Coin) in your BNB Vault, will allow you, after 30 days, to benefit from many advantages such as a cashback system available when you make purchases with the Visa Card Binance.

For example, if you buy and stack 1 BNB in ​​the BNB Vault, you will get 2% cashback with each purchase. If you buy 10 BNB, you upgrade to level 3 and get 3% cashback.

Binance will give you back your cashback in the form of BNB directly to your Card wallet.

😁 Your daily cap max. with the card is:

  • 290 euros in a vending machine
  • 8700 euros for any type of card purchase
bnb vault binance cashback
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