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Safe Clever Trading
Enjoy a robot assisted by a former institutional trader.

Let a bot specializing in the XAUUSD pair trade the price of gold against the dollar. The team offers you to associate your capital with their Pamm located at the broker regulated Vantage FX. It is an automatic trading strategy in Scalping and Intraday. The robot manages its own drawdown (risk) and does its own technical and fundamental analyzes to open positions on setups with a high probability of success.

SCT Trading Robot Any questions?
Safe Clever Trading vantage FX


Lifetime license at Safe Clever Trading

Licenses according to your deposited capital


Minimum deposit on Vantage Fx

5 to %

Expected gain / month after Profit Sharing

Price of the
SCT Middle Aggressive $ 1500 $ 1000 25% 📊 ????
SCT Safe VIP $ 500 $ 750 20% 📊 ????
SCT Safe Intermediate $ 500 $ 500 25% 📊 ????
SCT Safe Basic $ 500 $ 250 30% 📊 ????
SCT Safe Free $ 250 $ 0 40% 📊 ????
We focus on Safe Clever Trading !

Our feelings about Safe Clever Trading

The scalping and intraday trading strategy at Safe Clever Trading is reliable and efficient. The robot can open up to 50 positions per trade depending on the state of the market. SCT is only available from the broker Vantage Fx. Like any risky investment, this method is aimed at investors who know the risks associated with trading and know how to carry out crypto transactions. 750 dollars of entrance fee are necessary to access the first level of Pamm, that is to say 250$ of license and 500$ to be placed at the broker.

without MLM

MLM & Affiliate Link

Safe Clever Trading do not use sponsorship links when registering. It therefore has no commissions on the sale of licenses or on the volume of trades.

Total Confidence

Confidence index

Excellent risk management. No trades a few hours before and after the NFP, CPI and FOMC announcements.

full communication

Internal communication

The team communicates daily on trades and the state of the gold market - XAUUSD.

Advantages of PAMM Safe Clever Trading

Availability of funds at Vantage FX

Manage and control your own funds at the broker Vantage Fx. There is no visualization of trades on Metatrader 4 or 5, you will have access to the dashboard provided by the broker Vantage Fx. Only you have access to your investment: initial fund + compound interest + gains. The funds can only be recovered during the weekends so as not to affect the trades of the week on the Pamm. Vantage FX insures your financial investment up to $100.000.

automated trading

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required.

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gold market

An institutional robot speculates on the market for you.

yield 10%

normal return

Passive income generating on average low, 8% per month.

trader safe clever trading

Strong experience

15 years of stock market experience.



Start with a minimum sum of $750: license + capital


Tracking tool

Results available on the VantageFx dashboard.

12% earnings / month with SCT Trading

Automatic intraday trading with Safe Clever Trading

Results with 8 months of manual trading, from May to December 2022

The new MyFxBook will start on April 3, 2023 and will be available in early June. Each result will be available from the official website and on the Dashboard of Vantage FX. From December 2022 to March 2023, traders hardly traded in order to set up the common Pamm and test a strategy from a monitored robot. This strategy with the Bot was not retained given the state of the current market. Traders decided to go back to manual trading in pairs on the XAUUSD pair.

MyFxBook MyFxBook (Aggressive version)


Buy your license in Crypto USDT CRT 20

As soon as the money is with the broker, pay your license.


Deposit your funds at Vantage Fx

Follow the tutorial received by email to register with the broker Vantage FX then deposit the minimum amount necessary on the Pamm allocated to Safe Clever Trading (payment by credit card, bank transfer or crypto). As a reminder, your funds are secured by the broker VT Market up to $100.


Let's start the tutorial Safe Clever Trading

To start the adventure at Safe Clever Trading, you must have a cryptocurrency account such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase,, Ledger... For the rest of the tutorial, I will take Binance for example. If you pay for everything in crypto, opening a Vantage account and making deposits won't take you more than 30 minutes.

Register on Binance Need help?

Traders at Safe Clever Trading chose to work with the broker regulated Vantage FX. It is therefore not possible to use Safe Clever Trading at another broker. Traders have made available a Pamm on Vantage allowing you to trade with your capital without appropriating it.

Whether on Binance or Vantage FX, you will need to complete a KYC. Prepare some pictures (vouchers) in JPG format and other elements such as:

Photo of your up-to-date identity document, double-sided mode: passport or national identity card or driving license

Photo of proof of address

Facial recognition will be requested on the application Binance

Have slightly more than $750 in USDT on Binance in order to be able to pay the license (250$) and deposit the funds at the broker Vantage FX (min. $500).

binance vantage fx tutorial
lift the limit on your credit card

Tips for getting started

Payment by Credit Card or Crypto Transfer USDT CRT 20

In order to facilitate deposits, you can ask your banker to increase the limit of your credit card in order to exceed the 750 $.


Buy your license Safe Clever Trading.

Buy your license Continuation of the tutorial

Choose one of the 3 licenses and then pay there via your cryptocurrency account. You will receive an email afterwards to deposit your capital into the account Vantage FX. An advisor can help you through the steps, but it's relatively simple and intuitive.

safe clever trading vantage fx license