AutoTrade Gold 5.0
Gold Trading Robot

AutoTrade Gold 5 is a trading robot Indonesian automatic based on the gold market. This robot trades in scalping mode and only opens one position at a time. If ATG 5 records a loss, it will try to make up for it during the day with a second trade if the market is favorable to it.

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License 1 price at Auto Trade Gold


Minimum investment

± $

Recommended minimum overall investment

± %

Expected monthly gain

Advantages of the robot AutoTrade Gold

Availability of funds

Manage and control your own funds at the broker LegoMarket LCC using the app MetaTrader 4 or with the broker of your choice by purchasing and downloading the robot from the Pansaka website (step 2 of the tutorial below). Only you have access to your investment: Initial fund + earnings generated + compound interest.

automatic trading

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required.

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Commodity market

Trading solution developed by Pantheratrade, focused on the gold market.

yield 10%

Efficiency ± 15%

Average passive income of 15% in monthly return.

robot test

Strong experience

More than 2 years in real market condition.

robot accessibility


Start the experience with a minimum capital of $ 250.


Tracking tool

Transparent results on your application MetaTrader 4.

15% earnings / month with AutoTrade Gold

Automatic trading
with AutoTrade Gold 5.0

AutoTrade Gold drawdown DD Profit Balance

Over 2 years of growth. Drawdown less than 3%.

compliance certificate autotrade gold legomarket LCC
sarana digital international autotrade gold
pansaka certification pantheratrade
sarana digital international autotrade gold
pansaka certification pantheratrade
ATG 5 trading robot
Trading algorithm AutoTrade gold
Algorithmic trading AutoTrade gold
Trading Robot AutoTrade gold

Profit calculation without including compound interest

The table below is to be taken as an example and may not reflect the exact reality. It indicates the evolution of your capital according to the sum deposited, based on a increasing increase of 15% per month, what the robot does ATG 5. Daily compound interest has not been taken into account in this calculation. If you withdraw your earnings every month, it will take you less than 6 months to recover your initial investment against 4 to 5 months if you do not withdraw anything during this period of time.

+ 300.000 investors

Month Deposit: 500 € Deposit: 1500 € Deposit: 5000 € Deposit: 10000 €
1 575 € 1 725 € 5 750 € 11 500 €
2 661 € 1 984 € 6 613 € 13 225 €
3 760 € 2 281 € 7 604 € 15 209 €
4 875 € 2 624 € 8 745 € 17 490 €
5 1 006 € 3 017 € 10 057 € 20 114 €
6 1 157 € 3 470 € 11 565 € 23 131 €
7 1 330 € 3 990 € 13 300 € 26 600 €
8 1 530 € 4 589 € 15 295 € 30 590 €
9 1 759 € 5 277 € 17 589 € 35 179 €
10 2 023 € 6 068 € 20 228 € 40 456 €
11 2 326 € 6 979 € 23 262 € 46 524 €
12 2 675 € 8 025 € 26 751 € 53 503 €

⚠️ Important reminders and advice for any investor

Remember that this is a risky investment, that you are investing money that you do not need to live and that your primary goal is to recover your initial capital as quickly as possible according to your plan. of investment.

5 licenses available depending on your trading capacity

The licences Pantheratrade can be upgraded, ie you will only pay the difference between the current license and the higher license. The ATG 5 robot no longer trades under a capital of less than $100. If you withdraw and go over the $50 threshold in your trading account, you will lose your license.

Investment strategy : I invest $10 on ATG 000. Without recovering my monthly gains and after 5 to 5 months I should have doubled my capital. When I reach $6 (about 22 months later), I withdraw $000. So I end up with $6. Then each time I reach $2000 (about every 20 weeks), I withdraw another $000. With this system, in less than 22 year, I recovered my initial capital and then I generate a passive income of $000 per month ($3 x 2000%) thanks to ATG.

License 1
$ 112

for a total capital of between $100 and $500.

Buy license 1
License 2
$ 224

for a total capital of between $100 and $5.000.

Buy license 2
License 3
$ 560

for a total capital of between $100 and $30.000.

Buy license 3

License 4
$ 2800

for a total capital between $100 and $1.000.000.

Buy license 4
License 5
$ 3920

for a minimum capital of $ 1.000.000.

Buy license 5
Technical support Autotrade Gold

ATG 5 Technical Support

Frequent questions about Autotrade Gold 5.0

Some additional information about the ATG 5 Trading Bot

1 response

If you have any questions regarding AutoTrade Gold 5.0, I advise you to get closer to your direct sponsor. Technical support from PantheraTrade is made up of several dozen employees. To contact them, you will have to wait for the official release of V3 then open a ticket and explain your request precisely in English and attach an attachment for better understanding. Contact them only in the event of a problem, otherwise call your sponsor. For licensing problems, contact Pansaka support, for problems connecting to your robot, prefer the site ATG Bot.

Open a ticket to technical support RDV on Telegram to follow the news

Some worries with Autotrade Gold 5.0?

Technical support from Panthera asks us, as a sponsor, to help you with the problems that you might encounter but it is imperative that you make the request personally by opening a ticket: https://panthera.support

Step 1 / PantheraTrade

Steps to follow to register on the robot Autotrade Gold 5

I recommend the use of a Yahoo or Gmail address when you register. Some have had problems confirming by email with Hotmail, Live, Wanadoo, Laposte addresses...

Register on AutoTrade Gold 5.0

Fill in the 5 required fields:

Referral: autotrade-gold

1 - Create your Username

2 - Write your First name and your Last name

3 - Select your country of residence

4 - Enter your mobile phone number

5 - Enter your email (preferably Gmail)

Accept the Terms of Service, then validate

📨 Autotrade has just emailed you your password. It can be changed later. If you haven't received it within 5 minutes, you can request to forget the password from the login page.

✅ If you don't have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create an account on Binance, Coinbase, Kraken... Avoid exchanges that block your withdrawal for more than 2 hours like Crypto.com, for example. You can buy crypto on Binance with your credit card. However, you will be stuck at a withdrawal limit limited by your bank. To make bank transfers and thus deposit larger sums of money, you can use the SEPA service at Binance.

Register on Binance Tutorial Binance

Registration form pantheratrade autotrade gold

If your phone number is already registered, you can put it back and replace 06 with 336, if you live in France. Use the callsign as a second chance.
Stage 2 / Pansaka

Register on Pansaka to get your ATG 5 license

Pansaka is the company that handles all licensing of Autotrade trading products. Don't forget that you must haveUSDT or Litecoin LTC on your exchange to buy your license.

Register on Pansaka

Fill in the form :

First name + Last name

Up-to-date identity card or passport number



Password + confirmation

Fill out the Crypto Account form:

registration form pansaka autotrade gold

Stage 3 / Pansaka

How to buy or upgrade your license CarsGold 5.0?

On the homepage of the Pansaka company, click on the tab Special Program> Buy Future Package and choose the license according to the amount of trading you want to deposit.

💡 I advise you to start with license 1 and a deposit of $ 110 in order to analyze the robot's trades and its ability to generate passive income. You can then upgrade your licenses by paying only the difference between each of them. So start by buying Litecoin (LTC) on Binance with an amount of 250 € by credit card.

In order to pay for your license and deposit your funds with the broker, we recommend buying and paying with Litecoin (LTC) for its ease, speed and low transaction fees.
It takes an hour for your license to be active using CoinPayment.
license autotrade gold pansaka
Stage 4 / Pansaka

Checking and paying for your license

In this example, I have chosen license 2 of the ATG robot at the broker Lego Market.

Button 1: Click this button to choose payment in cryptocurrency. A popup will open, click on the Crypto button then validate.

Button 2: Validate and Access invoicing

form order special plan pansaka atg 5
Stage 5 / Pansaka

Billing your license

Summary of the price and cost in dollars.

Then click on the Coinpayment button.

invoice pansaka coinpayment
Step 6 / Coinpayment

Payment of your license Autotrade Gold in Litecoin (LTC), with CoinPayment.

Fill in your billing information on the left, namely your first name, last name and email address (check that there is no error in your email address). On the right, choose the cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) for its low transaction costs.

Finally, click on the blue button on the left, under the email, to validate the form. There is absolutely no need to register with CoinPayment to complete the transaction.

A new CoinPayment page will open and show you the the amount as well asLTC address where you will have to transfer your Litecoin (LTC) already purchased on your exchange (Binance, Coinbase, etc.).

Public chat Binance, here is the link for buy Litecoin from a bank card.
license autotrade gold sarana digital
Step 7 / Coinpayment

Finalization of payment for your license Autotrade Gold.

Go to your exchange such as Binance, make the exact withdrawal atLTC address requested. Remember to add the 0,001 LTC to the amount requested otherwise the transaction will be refused and you will be refunded via CoinPaiement. A fee will be applied by Coinpayment in return.

Indicate the LTC address of the recipient. This is the address (string) transmitted to Coinpayment.

The transfer must be done using the network LTC.

Indicate the LTC amount by adding 0,001 at final price

add fees coinpayment

Then validate the form.

You will receive a confirmation email by Binance and CoinPayment telling you that the transfer was successful. If you made a mistake, don't panic! You will receive an email to be refunded the amount in a few minutes via CoinPaiment against transaction fees. Check your spam. You must mention your LTC deposit address.

retired usdt binance. Png
Step 8 / Pantheratrade

Opening of a MT4 account trading at Pantheratrade.

In order to use the various trading robots offered by the company PantheraTrade, you need to open a standard MT4 account. This will centralize all the products made available to you.

To do this, click on the link Regular Accounts > MT4 Account. Then click on the button Generate MT4 Account

regular account mt4 autotrade
Step 9 / Pantheratrade

Change your Temporary password received by email.

You have just received your username and temporary password by email. Your username is your Login Login.

We will now change your temporary password.

To do this, click on the link at the bottom left of the screen: Reset Login Password. Enter your temporary password received by email in the first field, then enter the new login password in the two fields below.

reset pantheratrade password
Step 10 / Pantheratrade

Create your account Autotrade Gold.

First, click on the link CopyTrade Accounts > MT4 Account. Click on the blue button at the top right: Create New Account

Choose AutotradeGold in Select Category, then click on the button Generate MT4 Account.

A table should appear on a new page. Keep your MT4 Login Account and your MT4 Investor Password safe. They will also be sent to you by email. These codes will allow you to follow the trades as well as your day-to-day account.

copytrade accounts autotrade gold
Step 11 / Pantheratrade

provide your KYC to validate your account.

In order to validate your account, you must provide one of the three pieces of identification requested (national identity card, passport or driving licence). Attention, your identity document must not be expired otherwise your KYC will be automatically refused.

Choose the type of ID you want then take a photo with your smartphone.

Enter the number of your desired ID in the field: Enter ID Number.

Upload your photo (valid extension: jpg, jpeg or png). Do not exceed the weight of 1 Mo. In order to optimize your photo before sending, use the site tinypng.com.

On the page Update KYC, you should see your status in "Pending" mode. Give the team time Pantheratrade to validate your ID.

update kyc pantheratrade atg 5
Step 12 / Pantheratrade

Pay your Voucher to validate your deposit address.

The Profile Voucher is the registration of your deposit address to receive the robot's winnings. This address can be BTC, ETH or USDT erc20 / trc20. We recommend theUSDT trc20 (trx) for its low transaction costs and stability.

Click on the link Profile Vouchers then the button Purchase New Voucher

Select the crypto: ETH, BTC, USDT TRC20 or USDT ERC20, then validate

At the bottom of the page, click on the Manual Checkout button, you will be redirected to Coinpayments to make the payment

purchase new voucher pantheratrade atg autotrade gold
Step 13 / Pantheratrade

Update Update Profile.

The Profile Voucher is paid for and your Voucher code appears in the table, column Voucher. Your KYC is being approved. We will now finish filling in the Profile.

First, enter your address USDT trc20 and/or erc20 then validate.

You will receive an OTP code by email. This code must be inserted in the first field.

In the second field, put the Voucher code that you will find on the page Profile Voucher, Voucher column. Then validate.

update profile pantheraautotrade
Step 14 / PantheraTrade

How to deposit your trading capital on PantheraTrade ? (1/3)

It is assumed that the license is in the process of being paid.

We return to the site PantheraTrade in order to deposit the trading capital with the broker Lego Market LCC.


Then click on the button MT4 New Deposit

Normally this is your first deposit on PantheraTrade, but if later you want to increase your capital, you will have to come back to this step. Keep in mind that the amount of the deposit also depends on the choice of your license.

Amount US $: indicate the amount you wish to deposit in dollars

Target: Account

Select Account: your ATG account number Gold

Check the box dedicated to the terms of use, then submit this form

license autotrade gold sarana digital
Stage ? / PantheraTrade

How to deposit your trading capital on PantheraTrade ? (1/3)

It is assumed that the license is in the process of being paid.

We return to the site PantheraTrade in order to deposit the trading capital with the broker Lego Market LCC.


Then click on the button MT4 New Deposit

Normally this is your first deposit on PantheraTrade, but if later you want to increase your capital, you will have to come back to this step. Keep in mind that the amount of the deposit also depends on the choice of your license.

Amount US $: indicate the amount you wish to deposit in dollars

Target: Account

Select Account: your ATG account number Gold

Check the box dedicated to the terms of use, then submit this form

license autotrade gold sarana digital
Step 11 / PantheraTrade

Deposit your capital with Coin Payment. (2/3)

Fill in your billing information, namely your first name, last name and email address.

Choose Litecoin (LTC).

Finally, click on the blue button on the left.

A new page will open on CoinPayment providing you with the amount as well as the address where you should deposit your Litecoins LTC.

💡 Please note, this will be a new deposit address. It will not be the same deposit address as your license.

capital addition pantheratrade autotrade gold 5.0
Step 12 / PantheraTrade

Deposit your trading capital with PantheraTrade. (3/3)

Same manipulation as for purchasing the license. With Binance, make the exact payment by adding 0.001 to the requested LTC amount: https://www.binance.com/fr/.../crypto/LTC.

Enter the recipient's LTC address, the one mentioned on Coinpayment.

The transfer must be done using the network LTC.

Indicate the LTC amount, then add 0,001 at final price.

☕️ Wait a few tens of minutes. You will receive a confirmation email by Binance and CoinPayment to let you know that the transfer was made correctly.

As long as Auto Trade's technical support Gold did not validate the transaction, you will not see your amount on your MT4 app.
proof of payment panthera trade
Step 13 / Pansaka / ATG-System

Associate ATG System and Pansaka

Connect to ATG System

To connect to https://atgbot.co, use the same email and password as on Pantheratrade.

Wait several minutes for your license to be taken into account by the system. This procedure is valid for the purchase of your first license as well as for the upgrade of your next licenses. Cala allows you to associate the new license with your trading account.

you will receive an email from atgbot.co (also check your spam).

Retrieve the Voucher Code and the Voucher ID present in the email.

Go to the ATG System website using your codes Pantheratrade and activate your license: https://atgbot.co/user/ea/activate

Copy paste the elements in the requested fields.

Indicate well: I have a Trade Account

Choose your matters Gold

Then validate this form.

atg system refresh license

⚠️ Make sure your license is "Connected". Click on the "Refresh" button if necessary until this is the case. Try a few hours later if the network is saturated, otherwise open a ATG System technical support ticket for them to activate your ATG 5 robot.
pansaka license voucher pantheraauto trade gold
Step 14 / MetaTrader 4

How to track your earnings on the app MetaTrader 4 ?

MT4 is a free mobile application allowing you to follow the evolution of your earnings. Whether you are on Android or IOS, you will easily find it in the Stores. Take a good look at the logo, you need version 4 of MetaTrader.

Once installed, we will configure it to your trading account. To do this, you must have received an email from PantheraTrade with 4 important data.


Master Password: That of your license

Investor Password (read only): XXXXXX

Server: LegoMarketLCC2-LIVE

On the MT4 app, click on Settings (bottom right icon) > New account > Login with existing account.

In the search box (at the top), write: LegoMarketLCC2-LIVE

Username: Login (numbers). You can also find them on the homepage of Pantheratrade (Account MT4).

Password: Investor Password (read only). If you have lost it, try the password you used on Pantheratrade.

Click Save

mt4 metatrader 4
Step 15 / PantheraTrade

How to withdraw your earnings and / or your capital anytime ?

You can only withdraw in the crypto mentioned in step 2. If you have indicated any USDT in Crypto Address, you will receive USDT. Please note that withdrawals are a minimum of $ 50 and a maximum of $ 2000 per day for accounts under $ 100.000. Beyond $ 100.000 deposited (and not earned), you can withdraw 10% of the capital per day. Count 15 to 35 $ transaction fees (regardless of the desired amount), depending on the currency chosen.

Withdrawals from July 2022 will be provided by coinstore.

Make a withdrawal from PantheraTrade

To make a withdrawal, return to the site PantheraTrade, click Transaction> Withdrawal.

Select the currency you entered in the crypto address field when registering (USDT / LTC or other), then validate.

Form 1/2.
Image 1 - Fill in the requested information:

Sources: Select either your MT4 account or your rebates account. You can also recover from your internal Wallet (earning commissions for those who sponsor).

Amount US $: amount you wish to withdraw in dollars

Accept the conditions then Validate. You will be redirected to a new page and you will at the same time receive an email including an OTP code

otp email

Form 2/2.
Image 2 - Check and accept the withdrawal:

At the bottom of this page, re-enter your password PantheraTrade or 2FA without forgetting to add the code (Email OTP). If you haven't received it, it may come from your email (hotmail, yahoo ...). Signing up with Gmail is no problem. If necessary open a ticket and ask them to change your current address to a gmail address.

Then validate the transaction.

withdraw money on autotrade gold panthera

withdraw money on autotrade gold panthera

You will have to wait an average of 24 hours (excluding weekends) for the withdrawal money to be deposited on your Exchange. This is dependent on the time difference between Indonesia and your country of residence.

How to contact technical support Autotrade Gold ?

To contact one of the 70 people behind the technical support of Pantheratrade, do the following: always translate your message into English or Indonesian (Google translate is your friend), be direct and precise, provide proof of a transaction (txid), be kind and courteous. Contact support if there is a problem, not to ask questions. Sponsors, social networks and forums have this goal. Do not send several messages, it is useless and does not allow problems to be solved more quickly, on the contrary.

Subject: 4 or 5 words to describe your problem

Select Department: Account Support / Finance / Network

Select Category: The selection depends on the field above.

Message: Explain your problem in English or Indonesian

Image Link: Allows you to add an explanatory photo

Send your message.

technical support ticket pantheratrade autotrade gold

An answer will then be sent to you within 24 hours (excluding weekends). Be patient.

Would you like sponsor the ATG robot from PantheraTrade?

If you too want to refer friends and make them benefit from a monthly profitability of around 15%, you will have to provide them with your referral link located on the page Partnership> Dashboard

The URL to send to your referrals will look like this: https: //pantheratrade.live/register/?r=IB...

The role of a true godfather is to guide and advise each of his future godchildren, from registration to the recovery of earnings, from bank transfer to cryptocurrency, explaining the risks, taking time on technical support ... be in the council and the kindness.

Sponsorship commissions Autotrade Gold

sponsorship affiliate link pantheratrade autotrade gold

Login tips for old users of Pantheratrade

For investors who have registered on Pantheratrade before March 18, 2022 and who wishes to connect to the new version of Pantheratrade.

Go to the page: #

Enter the login email address of your old account PantheraTrade then click on the validation button.

You will receive by email your username and your temporary password which will have to be integrated on this page: #/AccountLogin.aspx

⚠️ If you did not receive this email, follow these steps:

Go to the page: #/AccountLogin.aspx

Click on Forgot Password

Write your Username

login new pantheradigiprime trade
Forgot username and password on pantheratrade

Forgotten username and password on Pansaka

For people who have registered on AutoTrade Gold before September 1, 2021, you may not have received your Pansaka login details by email. Here is a solution to receive them:

Connection to the backoffice: https://pansaka.co.id/panel/login.php

Click on the link : Forgot your password?

You will arrive on another page.
Click on the link : Forgot User ID?, then enter your email address.

You will receive a first email with your login ID. This is a sequence of numbers.

Go back to the Pansaka login page: https://pansaka.co.id/panel/login.php, then click again on the link: Forgot your password? by indicating your connection identifier (numbers).

You will be able to enter your username and your new password to connect to Pansaka.

username and password forgotten on pansaka