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AutoTrade Gold 5.0
Auto trading software

AutoTrade Gold 5 is a automatic trading software based on the gold market. Also nicknamed ATG5 by its users, its financial objective is a daily gain of between 0,5 and 1,5%. You can never lose more than 3% per day. This robot trades in scalping mode and only opens one position at a time. This trading software comes from the famous EA used for more than 2 years by the company Pantheratrade / Pansaka. After several years of testing, the software is now available at any broker.

Download AutoTrade Gold ATG Tutorial 5
AutoTrade Gold trading software download
Advantages of the robot AutoTrade Gold

Availability of funds

Manage and control your own funds from your broker. Only you have access to your investment: Initial fund and earnings generated.

automatic trading

Trading Software

Software to download. Tutorial coming soon.


Commodity market

Trading software developed by Pansaka, based on the gold market.

yield 10%

Efficiency ± 15%

Average passive income of 15% in monthly return.

robot test

Strong experience

More than 2 years in real market condition.

robot accessibility

Reduced mobility

Start the experience with the purchase of the license from $1120.


Tracking tool

Transparent results on your application MetaTrader 4.

15% earnings / month with AutoTrade Gold

Automatic trading
with Auto Trade Gold 5.0

AutoTrade Gold Youtube Video Tutorial

ATG 5.0 Profit Calculation

At the broker LegoMarket, ATG partner for more than 2 years, the robot allows an average gain of 15% per month. At a broker regulated, the rates vary from simple to triple. You must therefore inquire beforehand. We do not provide any help other than on the broker official LegoMarket.

+ 300.000 investors ATG 5 results

Buy and Download your EA

One and only license to exploit the potential ofAutotrade Gold at your broker.

License 1
$ 125

for a total capital between 100 and 500 $.

Buy license 1
License 2
$ 250

for a total capital between 100 and 5.000 $.

Buy license 2
License 3
$ 626

for a total capital between 100 and 30.000 $.

Buy license 3

License 4
$ 3133

for a total capital between 100 and 1.000.000 $.

Buy license 4
License 5
$ 4386

for a minimum capital of 1.000.000 $.

Buy license 5
Technical support Autotrade Gold

ATG 5 Technical Support

Frequent questions about Autotrade Gold 5.0

Some additional information about the Trading Bot

4 answers

If you have any questions regarding AutoTrade Gold 5.0, I advise you to get closer to your direct sponsor. Technical support from PantheraTrade is made up of 70 employees. To contact them, you will need to open a ticket and explain your request precisely in English and attach an attachment for better understanding. Contact them only in the event of a problem, otherwise call your sponsor. For licensing problems, contact Pansaka support, for problems connecting to your robot, prefer the site ATG System.

Open a ticket to technical support RDV on Telegram for personalized technical assistance

To add or modify your crypto address, you must enter the BTC / LTC / address USDT (Erc-20) or ETH proposed and attach a photo of your identity card + a photo of the selfie taking the chosen crypto address. Attach the name of the crypto and its address + your email address and the date of the request on paper. Add in the message the digital crypto address (to facilitate copy paste).

I want to change my crypto address 📄

ATG Autotrade technical support

Only your direct sponsor can perform this operation but it will be done within 3 to 4 days if there are no other tickets open. We make a request, we have an answer within 24 to 48 hours and it will be necessary to validate the non-responsibility of the Indonesian team for the lifting of this operation. If you are 10 people in this situation, it will take 3 x 10 = 30 days. To do this, you must send your sponsor, your username, your login email address and your MT4 account number et be very patient. When you ask to activate 2FA, you must obtain your Unlock Key. If you do not write it down, you are responsible for this oversight.

ATG Autotrade technical support

The CEO does not like MLM (Network Marketing) very much. They prefer to find investors and want to satisfy them as a priority. The promotion of trading robot AutoTrade Gold is therefore not profitable if you only recruit a small handful of investors with your referral link.

I want to sponsor and know my affiliate link

Some worries with Autotrade Gold 5.0?

Technical support from Panthera asks us, as a sponsor, to help you with the problems that you might encounter but it is imperative that you make the request personally by opening a ticket:

Step 1 / NEW PantheraTrade

Register to download the robot Autotrade Gold 5

I recommend the use of a Yahoo or Gmail address when registering. Some had OTP confirmation problems with Wanadoo, Laposte or Hotmail addresses.

Register on AutoTrade Gold 5.0

Fill in the 5 required fields:

1 - Create your User ID (Username)

2 - Write your First name and your Last name

3 - Select your country of residence

4 - Enter your mobile phone number

5 - Enter your email

Accept the Terms of Service, then validate

📨 Autotrade has emailed you your password. If you haven't received it within 5 minutes, you can request to forget the password from the login page.

✅ If you don't have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create an account on Binance. You can buy crypto on Binance with your credit card. However, you will be stuck at a withdrawal limit limited by your bank. To make bank transfers and thus deposit larger sums of money, you can use the SEPA service at Binance or in Coinbase

Register on Binance Tutorial Binance

Do not hesitate to contact me on 💬 Telegram so that I can advise you.

Registration form pantheratrade autotrade gold

If you do not receive the confirmation email, remember to use a gmail or yahoo mail address. If your phone number is already registered, you can put it back and replace 06 with 336, if you live in France. Use the callsign as a second chance.
Stage 2 / Pansaka

Register on Pansaka to manage your ATG 5 license

Pansaka is the company that manages all licenses for Autotrade trading products. Remember that you must have Litecoin LTC on your exchange to purchase your license.

Register on Pansaka

Refferal Number: 10110618

Fill in the form :

First name + Last name

Up-to-date identity card or passport number



Password + confirmation

Fill out the Crypto Account form:

registration form pansaka autotrade gold

Stage 3 / Pansaka

How to buy your license ATG ?

On the homepage of the Pansaka company, click on the tab Special Program> Buy Future Package and choose the EA ATG 5.0 license.

In order to pay for your license, we recommend using Crypto Litecoin (LTC) for its ease, speed and transaction fees.
It takes an hour for your license to be active using CoinPayment. As soon as the purchase is made, a download link will be active on Pansaka.
license autotrade gold pansaka
Stage 4 / Pansaka

Checking and paying for your license

Button 1: Click this button to choose payment in cryptocurrency. A popup will open, click on the Crypto button then validate.

Button 2: Validate and Access invoicing

form order special plan pansaka atg 5
Stage 5 / Pansaka

Billing your license

Summary of the price and cost in dollars.

Then click on the Coinpayment button.

invoice pansaka coinpayment
Step 6 / Coinpayment

Payment of your license Autotrade Gold in Litecoin (LTC), with CoinPayment.

Fill in your billing information on the left, namely your first name, last name and email address (check that there is no error in your email address). On the right, choose the cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC) for its low transaction costs.

Finally, click on the blue button on the left, under the email, to validate the form. It is not necessary to register with CoinPayment to complete the transaction.

A new page will open on CoinPayment and give you the montant as well asLTC address where you will have to transfer your Litecoin (LTC) already purchased on your exchange (Binance, Coinbase, etc.).

Public chat Binance, here is the link for buy Litecoin from a bank card. Otherwise use AdsCash to make a SEPA transfer. Binance should reopen SEPA credit transfers on its platform.
license autotrade gold sarana digital
Step 7 / Binance

Finalization of payment for your license Autotrade Gold.

Go to your exchange such as Binance, make the exact withdrawal at LTC address requested. Remember to add the 0,001 LTC to the amount requested otherwise the transaction will be refused and you will be reimbursed via CoinPaiement.

Indicate the LTC address of the recipient. This is the address (string) transmitted to Coinpayment.

The transfer must be done using the network LTC.

Indicate the LTC amount, then add 0,001 at final price.

Then validate the form.

add fees coinpayment

You will receive a confirmation email by Binance and CoinPayment telling you that the transfer was successful. If you made a mistake, don't panic! You will receive an email to be refunded the amount in a few minutes via CoinPaiment. Check your spam. You must mention your LTC deposit address.

retired usdt binance. Png
Stage 8 / Pansaka

ATG 5 Trading Software Download - Autotrade Gold.

On Pansaka, enter the serial number of your MT4 account within the expected column, click the "Activate" button and click "Download EA".

trading software download Gold
Step 9 / MetaTrader 4

Installing the ATG 5 robot on MT4.

Download the desktop version of the application:

Delete the windows that open by default when launching the MT4 software. Click on the menu "Tools", then on the sub-menu "Options". A new window will appear. Click on the menu "Consulting expert". Then click the checkboxes as in the example. On the last "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs" checklist, add a new URL using this address: then click OK to confirm.

window mt4 expert consultant atg pansaka
Step 10 / MetaTrader 4

Connect the ATG 5 robot to the site

After that, you can copy the EA ATG 5.0 app you downloaded and paste the app on the desktop version of MT4. The steps are as follows:

Then click on the "File" menu, then on the "Open data folder" submenu.

After that, select the "Mql4" folder.

Then select the "Experts" folder.

Then you move the EA ATG 5.0 application into the "Experts" folder.

Step 11 / MetaTrader 4

Connect the ATG 5 robot to the site

Next, right-click on the "Expert Advisor" menu in the sidebar menu, then click on the "Refresh" menu.

After successful "Refresh", the "ATG_V1" menu will appear. Then click on the "ATG_V1" menu in the sidebar menu. A column will appear.

After that, enter the EA ATG 5.0 activation serial number you got from Pansaka.

In the "COMMON" menu, you need to check some instructions, finally click the "OK" button.

Now your EA ATG 5.0 has been successfully installed in the app.

Step 12

Additional information

Make sure you have deposited the balance according to the minimum requirements for the EA to be active, EA ATG 5.0 is at least 100 USD and EA ATC is at least 1000 USD.

EA ATG 5.0 for gold pairs (XAU/USD) and EA ATC for crypto pairs.

For ATC EA, make sure the broker you choose has a crypto pair.

Make sure you have deposited the balance according to the minimum requirements for the EA to be active, EA ATG 5.0 is at least 100 USD and EA ATC is at least 1000 USD.

EA ATG 5.0 for gold pairs (XAU/USD) and EA ATC for crypto pairs.

For ATC EA, make sure the broker you choose has a crypto pair.

A godfather, a godson

Each registration is made from a referral link!
And believe me, it doesn't hurt anymore!

It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no experience in trading or crypto currencies. This is why I allow myself to accompany you, to help you to configure your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer relevant questions and provide technical support when possible. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I'm analyzing it right now, or I'm suspicious. In addition, you must be able to manage technical support and accompany your referrals correctly, so I do not take the risk of giving you referral links that do not seem to me to be more than 95% reliable.

Autotrade Gold 5.0
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 250

Crypto Autotrade
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Min. ± 1300$

Autotrade Oil
Coming soon
Waiting on Pansaka

Autotrade Forex
Available end of 2022
Waiting on Pansaka

CopyTrade Expert
Available end of 2022
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Golden Way
Gold Investment
capital min. ± €50

Kucoin bots
Broker Kucoin
capital min. ±$10