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CoinStore reference the Lego Corner of the ecosystem PantheraTrade.

Coinstore is a young centralized exchange based in Singapore. It is present in the Top 50 cryptocurrency exchangers on Coingecko. With its growth, it is one of the most prestigious partners of trading robots Pantheratrade. Learn how to convert LEGO into USDT and send it to another exchange.

Centralized Exchange in Singapore

Discover the crypto exchange coinstore.

Buy, sell or trade cryptos at the current market price.

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Top 50 global exchanges

Over $75 million is traded daily on CoinStore.


Ease of exchanges between Coinstore and Pantheratrade

The partnership between CoinStore and Pantheratrade will facilitate the process of deposits and withdrawals among investors of ATG, ATC, ATO, CTE and ATFx robots.

Partner of crypto withdrawals

coinstore, a partner of choice for Pantheratrade.

Coinstore APIs should help in the automation of Lego Coin crypto withdrawals.

Pantheratrade V2: August 2022.
A few withdrawals of $100/day in Legocoin to test the Lego V2 process. You can exchange them for USDT then send them to your favorite exchange.

Pantheratrade V3: March 2023.
Withdraw up to $100/day in LegoCoin cryptocurrency to start. Terms still unknown. I'USDT will be available later (date unknown).

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Lego Corner, a community crypto for trading robots Pantheratrade

The Lego Coin #LEGO is a community token listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and available for purchase on Coinstore, Digifinex, Hotbit, etc. Holders of $LEGO tokens will have the chance to enjoy various benefits from the community, such as 0% withdrawal fees, earnings, rewards and future Airdrop.

Be aware that #LEGO is not a stablecoin. It can therefore fluctuate between the moment you acquired it and the moment you exchange them in USDT. For the moment no instructions, wait before acquiring one to avoid unpleasant surprises.


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Lego Coin V2 price
Coinstore Tutorial

How to register and open your Coinstore account?

Register on Coinstore

Invite Code: B7bdA0

Start registering by following the different steps. Then go to your mailbox to validate the email sent by Coinstore. Click on the link it contains to validate your email address, which will allow you to activate your account.

Once back on Coinstore, click on the link "Login" and start your KYC with an ID.

coinstore registration
Coinstore Tutorial

How to perform your KYC on Coinstore?

In order to validate your KYC, click on the Profile icon then on the link Account Security. Then click on KYC Verification. You will need to specify a few fields:

Pays de résidence

First and last name

ID number

You will then have to upgrade your ID as well as a selfie with your ID plus a handwritten sheet including your Coinstore number (UID), date, first name and family name as shown in the diagram opposite.

Photo of ID on the front

Selfie + ID + handwritten sheet

advanced kyc coinstore
Coinstore Tutorial / Pantheratrade

Insert your LegoCoin address on Pantheratrade

Connect to the site Pantheratrade then click on the link Update Profile. In the Lego Coin Address field, insert your LEGO depot address that you will find on Coinstore:

Validate the form.

You will receive by email an OTP code which will allow you to register your LEGO address on Pantheratrade.

pantheratrade update lego coin address pantheratrade
Tutorial Pantheratrade

How to transfer from your Trading Account to the Fund Wallet?

We will recover funds from your robots (Copytrade accounts) to transfer them to Regular Accounts. To do this, click on the link Copytrade Accounts > MT4 withdrawal, then click the blue button: MT4 New Withdrawal

Fill in the following fields:

Select MT4 Account: Robot account to be debited

Available Balance (indicates the total sum on the account of the selected robot)

Amount you want to Withdraw: Amount to be debited (minimum $10)

Validate the form. You will receive by email an OTP code which will allow you to register your LEGO address on Pantheratrade.

If everything went well, your Wallet Fund has just been credited. You will see it in the right block on the home page of the site Pantheratrade.

pantheratrade mt4 new withdrawal copytrade accounts
Tutorial Pantheratrade

How to make your daily withdrawal?

In the Regular Account left block, click on the link MT4 Withdrawal then on the blue button MT4 New Withdrawal.

Indicate your Regular account then indicate the number 100 in the last field (Amount you want to Withdraw).

During this test phase, you will be limited to $100 per day.

If you see this message:
"Please try again , In case if you see this error message again, Contact admin". This is a bug being fixed. Please wait a few days. I will let you know about the Telegram group:
mt4 new withdrawal regular accounts pantheratrade
Coinstore Tutorial

How to convert your LEGO into USDT ?

For the first tests, Pantheratrade will make automatic transfers of $100 in Legocoin (#LEGO) to your Coinstore account. This will make it possible to check for bugs and the smooth running of automated transfers.

So you can sell your LEGO for USDT through Coinstore. To do this, use the method below.

Put yourself on a sell order at the market price. Indicate that you wish to sell 100% of your LEGO in order to exchange them for USDT, then click the "Sell LEGO" button.

Check that your USDT are available:

lego usdt coinstore
Coinstore Tutorial

How to transfer USDT, from Coinstore to another exchange like Binance or

To avoid excessive transaction fees, I recommend using the TRC20 network. Then enter your deposit address USDT TRC20 from your exchange.

Indicate the amount you wish to transfer then confirm.

coinstore withdraw usdt