Turbo Trading bot
Forex trading robot

The European trading robot Turbo operates on the currency market and generates smoothed monthly gains around 11%. This trading bot works in exclusive collaboration with the broker FX Winning, partner of Barclays and Stanley Morgan banks. Turbo Bot only opens one position at a time and its drawdown does not exceed 1,5%.

Turbo can be a very good complement to trading robots Pantheratrade so as not to place all its capital in one and the same place. Turbo technology is very reliable, as well as its team and its CEO.

Register on the Turbo robot Updated tutorial
Turbo bot screenshot robot trading


First license + entrance fee

Number of possible licenses

± $

Recommended investment excluding license cost

± %

Expected monthly gain

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Advantages of the Turbo robot

Responsive support and offices in Europe

Several million euros were invested in research and development in the European Union to lead a few years later to the TURBO robot. Based on the Forex market with scalping trades, it is used by simple private investors and institutions. Your money is available at all times at the broker FX Winning. The company's offices are located in Spain, Italy, Colombia and soon in France. Technical support is available and responsive to any questions.

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automatic trading

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required.


Currency market

Trading solution developed by Turbo Business, focused on Forex.

yield 10%

Efficiency ± 11%

Average passive income of 11% in monthly return.

robot test

Strong experience

2 years in real market conditions.

robot accessibility

Reduced mobility

Start the experience with a minimum capital of ± $250.


Tracking tool

Transparent results on your MetaTrader 5 application.

Over 2 years of growth. Drawdown less than 1,5%.

Trade automatically with WeareTurbo

Weare Turbo drawdown DD Profit Balance

TURBO trading robot licenses

There are 3 types of licenses depending on your objectives:

  • Monthly licenses: from $95 to $159 + a single entry fee depending on the desired performance
  • Annual licenses: from $500 to $1
  • 2-year licenses: from $800 to $2
monthly license Validity Price Admission price Performance
Turbo SA1 1 months $ 95 $ 70 5 to 7% / month
Turbo SA2 1 months $ 119 $ 319 7 to 10% / month
Turbo SA3 1 months $ 159 $ 799 10 to 15% / month
Annual license Validity Price Admission price Performance
Turbo Annual SA1 1 year $ 500 free 5 to 7% / month
Turbo Annual SA2 1 year $ 1000 free 7 to 10% / month
Turbo Annual SA3 1 year $ 1500 free 10 to 15% / month
License for 2 years Validity Price Admission price Performance
Turbo Premium SA1 2 years $ 800 free 5 to 7% / month
Turbo Premium SA2 2 years $ 2000 free 7 to 10% / month
Turbo Premium SA3 2 years $ 2800 free 10 to 15% / month

⚠️ Important reminders and advice for any investor ⚠️

Remember that this is a risky investment, that you are investing money that you do not need to live and that your primary goal is to recover your initial capital as quickly as possible according to your plan. of investment.

High Frequency Trades at FxWinning

High Frequency Trades at FxWinning

Questions about the broker FxWinning or on Turbo trades?

Discover the broker Fx Winning

WeAreTurbo Login FxWinning Login

Fxwinning is a broker Pure Marker type STP. It is the perfect intermediary between the investor and the market. He will place the orders directly with the institutions by taking his commission directly. Several tests with different brokers were made and only FXWinning got the best returns against their EA settings. FxWinning was established in 2020 and already owns renowned liquidity providers like UBS, City Bank, Barclays, Morgan Stanley or Commerzbank.

No FxWinning is not regulated, at least not as we understand it. Be aware, however, that major insurance companies recognized in France use this robot and its technology at FxWinning.

The company in charge of Turbo weighs 15% of the volume traded by FXWinning. There are therefore other major players who use the services of the Broker. The CEO, Juan Faber Esquivel has a chair on the board of directors of the broker which allows him to check the accounts and ensure the quality of the work.

Concerning deposits, you can do it at any time but these will be taken into account every Monday so as not to distort the balance of the capital being traded during the week.

100% of the capital deposited at FXWinning is available at all times. Once the funds are requested from the broker, these will be paid on the weekend if the confirmation was made during the week (before Friday) or on Tuesday / Wednesday if the confirmation was made at the end of the week or during the weekend. Remember that the amount of funds deposited in crypto can only be withdrawn in crypto. If you deposit via bank transfer, you will only be able to withdraw them via bank transfer. Regarding the winnings, beyond the funds paid, they can be withdrawn as you see fit.

Step 1 /

How to register on the robot Turbo ?

Use a Gmail address when you register.

Join Turbo

Fill in the 4 required fields:

1 - Indicate your Username (pseudo).
It will be used when you log in.

2 - Write your Email

3 - Confirm your email

4 - Enter your password

Then validate

If you do not have a crypto account, I advise you, right now, to create an account on Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, You can buy crypto on Binance with your credit card.

Register on Binance Tutorial Binance

registration form Fx Winning Turbo
Step 2 /

Fill in your personal information

Go to the tab Profile. If you want to become an affiliate, start by filling in your Bitcoin deposit address. You will find on this page your referral link to send to your godchildren.

Then, enter the required fields:

First name

Last Name




Phone number

New password, if you want to change it

Click on "Send Code" to receive by email a number that must be placed in the "Enter code here" field in order to save any modification on this page.

turbo profile bitcoin address
Step 3 /

How to buy your trading license Turbo on the official site?

Go to the tab Turbo Maps and click on "Buy Now" to choose the license that suits you best according to the desired generated earnings. A popup will open...

Click on the Bitcoin icon. You obviously need bitcoin in your Wallet to pay for your license. A second popup is displayed. You have less than 15 minutes to make the requested transfer. Transaction fees are your responsibility.

You will have to send the exact funds (Amount Due) to the requested address (address). I remind you that the transfer costs are your responsibility. They must receive exactly the amount entered in the field (Amount Due).

You will receive a confirmation message when your license is active. Count about twenty minutes to receive it.

turbo buy bitcoin license
Step 4A /

How to create an account with broker Fx Winning and associate the Turbo robot?

Register on Fx Winning

Fill in the First Name and Last Name fields as they appear on your identity document (passport or national identity card). We advise you to use the same email address as when you registered on the Turbo robot.

Fill in the fields:

First name

Last Name


Confirmation Password

Keep MetaTrader 5

Keep USD

Date of Birth

Click on Next

registration fx winning broker fxwinning
Step 4B /

1/3 - Steps for creating an account with Fx Winning.

Fill in the requested fields.



Department or Region


Zip code

Phone number


Click on Next

registration fx winning broker fxwinning
Step 4C /

2/3 - Steps for creating an account with Fx Winning.

Fill in the required fields as shown in the image opposite.

Click on Next

registration fx winning broker fxwinning
Step 4D /

3/3 - Steps for creating an account with Fx Winning.

Fill in the required fields as shown in the image opposite.

Check all the fields related to legal notices.

Click the Start Trading button.

registration fx winning broker fxwinning
Step 5 /

How to associate the account number FxWinning to your robot?

On the page, once connected, you will see your account number in the table at the bottom of the page. Copy it and paste it on the page, in the fxwinning account number field.

Click on the "Send Code" button to receive by email a number that must be entered in the "Email Second Factor" field to verify that it is indeed you.

Click Save to save the change. This will associate your broker to your robot.

turbo fxwinning account number
Step 6 /

How to upload your ID and your proof of address in Fx Winning?

Account Settings > Upload Documents

Just like your DTA document, click Browse, select your ID, indicate the document you want to attach and then send it.

1 - Upload your identity document

Do the same with your proof of address :
Credit Card Statement or Bank Statement or Water Bill or Telephone Bill or Electricity Bill.

2 - Upload your proof of address

upload proof identification fxwinning broker
Step 7 /

Download, print, complete and sign the contract.

Download the PDF contract

Fill in the important fields and leave out the others (see below). This document must be written by hand with a black pen. Once completed, take a picture of the 5 pages in the same order to send it to the broker as a DTA document.

1.1: First name and Last name as indicated on your passport or identity card.

1.2: Number present on your identity document.

1.3: Same address (street + city + country) as when you registered with the broker.

1.4: Same email used when registering with the broker.

7a: Your FxWinning account number present on the homepage

Full name : First name and full name as on your identity document

Signature : Sign the document

Date : Indicate today's date

lpoa fx winning broker download upload
Step 8 /

Upload the contract

Photograph the 5 pages filled with the requested fields then transform them into a PDF file (button below).

Convert 5 images into 1 PDF file

Send the PDF to broker on the page Account Settings > Upload Documents as a DTA document.

Click Browse, find your PDF file. Select DTA in Document Type then click the Upload Document button

Upload the contract

upload DTA fxwinning broker

Your uploaded files are in Pending mode. A manual check of the broker will cause them to change status.
Step 9 /

How to deposit your trading capital with the broker Fx Winning ?

Click on the Deposit button from the Homepage or go to the page

On the right, indicate the asset you want to transfer, then in the Amount field (on the left), indicate the amount you want to deposit. I recommend crypto USDT, TRC 20 network for its low transaction fees, of the order of a few cents.

Finally, click on the Deposit Funds button

Turbo fx winning deposit crypto usdt bitcoin
Step 10 / CoinPayment

How to make the capital transfer with Coinpayment ?

Go to your exchange (Binance for example) then make the exact withdrawal at theaddress USDT sought

Remember to check the final sum. Depending on the network, transaction fees will be added to obtain the exact amount. You must send the amount as requested (1) on Coinpayment, to the nearest decimals, otherwise the transaction will be refused and you will be refunded via CoinPayment. A fee will be applied by Coinpayment in return. You will have to pay it in advance.

Copy the address USDT of the recipient (2). This is the address (character string) transmitted to Coinpayment.

The transfer should be done using the appropriate network based on your initial choice. If you selected as mentioned on step 9 then this will be theUSDT TRC20.

Indicate the amount USDT adding transaction fees. It will therefore be necessary to add a few cents to obtain the right amount. It must be the same as the one requested on Coinpayment.

Then validate the form.

deposit usdt binance

You will receive a confirmation email by Binance and CoinPayment telling you that the transfer was successful. If you made a mistake, don't panic! You will receive an email to be refunded the amount in a few minutes via CoinPaiment against transaction fees. Check your spam.
Step 11 /

How to withdraw your capital at Fx Winning ?

Go to the tab Request > Withdrawal

Select your trading account then the withdrawal method: Crypto or Bank Transfer

Withdrawal Method : Crypto

Wallet Address : Indicate your deposit address USDT TRC-20

Crypto Currency : Indicate: USDT TRC-20

Amount : Indicate the amount you wish to receive

Minimum amount for withdrawal requests:

  • Bank transfer: $500
  • Crypto transfer: $50

Once you have requested the withdrawal, an email will be sent to you as a security measure to confirm the transaction.

Turbo fx winning withdrawal crypto usdt bitcoin
A godfather, a godson

Each registration is made from an affiliate link!
And believe me, it doesn't hurt anymore!

It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no experience in trading or in cryptocurrencies. This is why I allow myself to accompany you, to help you to configure your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer relevant questions and provide technical support when possible. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I'm analyzing it right now, or I'm suspicious. In addition, you must be able to manage technical support and accompany your referrals correctly, so I do not take the risk of giving you referral links that do not seem to me to be more than 95% reliable.

Broker FxWinning
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 500

Autotrade Gold 5.0
Broker regulated or unregulated
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 300

Crypto Autotrade
Broker regulated or unregulated
🥇 Min. ± 1300$

Autotrade Oil
Broker ASIC registered
Pending on V3

Autotrade Forex
Broker ASIC registered
Pending on V3

CopyTrade Expert
No information
Pending on V3

Golden Way
Purchase of gold bars
capital min. ± €50

Kucoin bots
Broker Kucoin
capital min. ±$10