Winkyverse, the very first metaverse for educational purposes in the world.

Winkyverse is a Metaverse specializing in the education and learning sector of multiple disciplines such as robotics or programming, but also more traditional disciplines such as mathematics or English. The goal of the people behind the project is to make learning processes more stimulating and concrete for young people.

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New metaverse dedicated to training and education

Educational robots

The Winkyverse originated from another older project: Winky. It consisted of an educational robot which also wanted to be innovative in the way of teaching. Today, the Winky is present in thousands of homes. The success of this previous project motivated its creators to launch the Winkyverse project.

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With Winkyverse take part in the metaverse of tomorrow's education.

Concretely, the Winkyverse is a 3D virtual universe in which players can promote and monetize their own educational games. It is in this sense that the Winkyverse project is very interesting: on the one hand it allows children to access an innovative educational process adapted to everyone's needs, but also to people mastering skills to highlight them on the platform. Through Winkyverse, young people will therefore be able to access kinds of educational mini-games. The Winkyverse metaverse will be powered by its cryptocurrency: the Winkie.

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The software includes a wide choice of features and tools so that everyone (beginners or experienced developers) can set up the educational universe of their choice. The very latest technologies will be available on Winkyverse (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.).

For the founders of Winkyverse, the goal is to highlight an innovative ecosystem including content initiated by its own users through the creation of thousands of educational games.

Thus, the Winkyverse metaverse ecosystem will include 2 dissociated universes:

the Winkymaker, which will allow its users to set up their own Winky robot.

The Winkyplay, which will give the possibility of creating your own educational game.

Presentation of the WinkyMaker

The Winkymaker is in fact a kind of software which allows developers and users of the platform to create their 100% personalized version of the Winky robot with a “drag and drop” type editing system. It will also be possible to increase the capacity of the robots with the addition of various accessories in order to provide the best possible experience for the users of the games. The Winkymaker will of course be suitable for beginners.

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The robot (s) created can therefore be integrated within the games of the WinkyPlay and Winkyverse universe. In order to assess the quality of the different robots, a rating system will be set up to allow the community to choose the most efficient robots. Some of these robots will even be produced in a material way!

Once your robot is completely personalized, you will have the possibility of converting it into NFT by positioning it on specialized marketplaces. This will allow you to generate income on each sale made. This device will be accessible via the blockchain system.

Presentation of WinkyPlay

Winkyplay can be defined as a virtual place in which anyone can create their own educational game. Subsequently, the various games set up will be accessible via the Winkyverse. Thanks to this system, young people will be able to embark on learning a multitude of disciplines such as programming, AI, robotics, etc., in a fun and adapted format.

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Robots will even be able to operate in the real world through sounds or movements.

Winkyplay will count in all six different categories of application:

Audio books, a Winky robot can for example tell stories (always educational) to children by interacting with them, making learning as productive and interesting as possible.

A diverse and varied catalog of fun video games accessible on computer, tablet, but also in augmented reality.

The new technologies part, which will aim to introduce our children to the latest innovations such as AI or robotics.

A hero section, so the Winky robot can interact with your children's heroes.

A school section, which will aim to offer young people a more adapted and stimulating learning system for different school subjects (mathematics, English, etc.).

And finally board games, accompanied by a Winky robot, an unrivaled board game experience will be offered.

Note that Winkyplay is created using the Unity 3D game engine.

The Winky WNK token from Winkyverse

The Winkyverse project includes its own token: the Winkie WNK. As explained previously, the WNK is a native and utility token of the platform. It comes from the Ethereum blockchain. The WNK will therefore be the only currency in the Winkyverse metaverse.

This cryptocurrency will be useful for many functions while ensuring an ever better gaming experience.

The total amount of WNK will a priori be 7.5 billion tokens.

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Among the different uses of WNK, we will have:

A reward system for game creators on WinkyMaker.

A diverse and varied catalog of fun video games accessible on computer, tablet, but also in augmented reality.

The purchase of avatars or customization elements for Winky's robots.

Participation in the governance system initiated by Winkyverse (DAO).

The purchase of Winky's robots at reduced rates compared to those offered in stores.

Access to Premium subscriptions (premium games, etc.).

The distribution of advertisements via Winkyplay.

Various exclusive passes, discounts, rewards, etc.

Obtain Winkies tokens

The WNKs are currently only accessible via the official website of the Winkyverse Project. To do this, it is necessary to create a personal account, which will subsequently be used to obtain tokens.

Buy Winkyverse Tokens

The acquisition of the first tokens is organized in the form of several Rounds:

Round 1, which took place from October 25 to November 7) with a price of € 0.006 per token and a minimum stake of € 2500.

Round 2, which takes place from November 8 to November 21 with a price of 0.008 € per token and a minimum stake of 1000 €.

Round 3, which takes place from November 22 to December 5 of that same year with a price of € 0.01 per token for a minimum stake of € 250.

The Winkyverse project teams

Behind the Winkyverse project, we find a team of 25 people all from the video game sector and education in the person of Boris Kesler (CEO), Arnaud Meyer (Game Director), Pierre-Yves Thoulon (CTO), etc. .

We also find renowned partners through the Winkyverse project: Ecole Polytechnique, Plug in Digital, Sebastien Borger (The Sandbox), etc.

So you understand that Winkyverse is an innovative and ambitious project to follow very closely over the coming months!

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Take part in the Winkyverse project now

After having proven itself with its Winky's robots, Winkyverse is proving to be very promising with the mission of revolutionizing the education system (more adapted and stimulating learning, discovery of new technologies such as programming or robotics).

At the same time, Winkyverse will also make it possible to monetize its skills with the creation of educational games, Winky's robots, etc.

By combining video games, blockchain and learning, Winkyverse has all the cards in hand to completely revolutionize the current education system.

To follow the project, do not hesitate to subscribe to the various media of Winkyverse:

Twitter: @ thewinkies1

Telegram: The Winkyverse FR

Discord: The Winkyverse

Official site:

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