SmartXbot / Net 89
Forex trading robot

SmartXBot, Formerly NET 89 is a indonesian trading robot based on Forex (currency market). This only trades the euro dollar. SmartXbot aims to gain 1% of your capital each day. This robot trades in scalping mode and only opens one position at a time while ensuring extremely low drawdown. Perfectly secure, SmartX stops trading during the day if it combines 2 negative losses.

Register on SmartXbot Net89 Tutorial
smartxbot Net 89 trading robot screenshot


Net89 robot price


Minimum capital / Robot

= $

Minimum overall investment

± %

Expected monthly gain

Advantages of the robot SmartXbot / Net 89

Availability of funds

Manage and control your own funds using the apps MetaTrader 4. Deposit and withdraw at any time. Only you have access to your investment: Initial fund + Gains generated.

automatic trading

Automated trading

Automated trading software. No trading skills required.


Currency market

Access trading solutions on Forex also called Currency Market.

yield 10%

Efficiency ± 10%

Constant passive income up to 10% monthly returns.

robot test

2 years of experience

2 years of testing in real market conditions.

robot accessibility

Reduced mobility

Start the experience with a minimum capital of $ 600.


Tracking tool

Transparent results in real time audited by Myfxbook.

Brokers partners Smartxbot Net89.


Global Premier

Global Premier

GlobalPremier registration code: 913341

GlobalFirst, broker partner since May 2020.

Max Global Fx

MaxGlobal Limited

MaxGlobal, broker trading bot partner Smartxbot Net89.

Hot Forex


HotForex, broker regulated available to VIP customers located in Asia.



Zen Trade, broker trading bot partner Smartxbot Net89.

Provisionally, the broker GlobalPremier has been put on standby for new members only.
For alumni who have already validated their account on Global Premier and whose robot is functional, this is no problem.
For all those who now wish to register on SmartxBot Net89, be aware that I no longer provide technical support until the reopening of broker GlobalPremier for new users.

A trading robot that begins its 3rd année.

The objective of the SMI company is to offer an investment:

  • profitable (250% per year)
  • accessible (from € 500 in capital)
  • secure (1,5% max loss / position)

Smartxbot Net89 works automatically without user intervention. He is consistent, quick and precise in the positions he takes.

MyFxBook Net89 Smartxbot

🔎 See the statistics of SmartXbot Net89 on MyFxBook

November 2018

Indonesian company PT SMI develops robot Smartxbot Net89.

April 2019

Open for marketing in Indonesia only.

October 2019

Opening of marketing to the rest of the world.

March 2020

More than 20 investors use this dedicated euro dollar trading bot. The goal of 000% per day has been 1% successful since its inception. The robot does not work on weekends and stops trading for the day when the goal is reached.

Sharing Profits at SmartXBot / Net89

The table below shows your approximate earnings according to the sums deposited and the type of sharing. Remember that there will be a loss of around 15% when recovering your winnings with the exchanger.

Global investment
Robot (1/5) + Equity (4/5)
Daily gain
after profit sharing
Estimated monthly gain
$ 600 $ 2,5 (0,5%) 50 $ / month
1 200 $ $ 5 (0,5%) 100 $ / month
1 800 $ $ 7,5 (0,5%) 150 $ / month
2 400 $ $ 10 (0,5%) 200 $ / month
3 000 $ $ 13,75 (0,55%) 275 $ / month
3 600 $ $ 16,5 (0,55%) 330 $ / month
4 200 $ $ 19,25 (0,55%) 385 $ / month
4 800 $ $ 22 (0,55%) 440 $ / month
5 400 $ $ 24,75 (0,55%) 495 $ / month
6 000 $ $ 30 (0,6%) 600 $ / month
9 000 $ $ 45 (0,6%) 900 $ / month
12 000 $ $ 60 (0,6%) $ 1 / month
15 000 $ $ 87,5 (0,7%) $ 1 / month
18 000 $ $ 105 (0,7%) $ 2 / month
24 000 $ $ 140 (0,7%) $ 2 / month
30 000 $ $ 200 (0,8%) $ 4 / month
60 000 $ $ 450 (0,9%) $ 9 / month
10% monthly earnings with Net89

Start trading with SmartXbot Net 89

Step 1 / SmartXbot

Register on Smartxbot / Net89.

Prefer a computer registration. Start using the function Eco System on ROBOTSMARTX. Choose a Username without space, your email, the country and your mobile phone number.

Register on SmartXbot / Net89

Confirm your registration by email.

You will receive a confirmation email. Remember to keep your pin code received in this same email. Log in again on and accept their terms of use.

✅ If you don't have a cryptocurrency account, I advise you, right now, to create one on Binance. You will need it on the next steps.

Register on Binance

Discover my tutorial Binance.

smartxbot net89 member registration form
Step 2 / Global Premier

Registration at the broker GlobalPremier and confirmation by email.

Before going to this address, copy this number 🔔 913341 :
Fill in all required fields.

Don't forget the Referral code 913341

In order to be able to link the robot to your broker, remember to integrate the "Referral code": 913341
If it is not present, your robot will not be activated, we will not be able to help you in the event of a problem and you will have to re-register.

Once finished, open your messaging and validate your account.

Global Premier Registration Smartxbot Net89
Step 3 / Global Premier

Create your account at GlobalPremier

Go to My Account, then "Add an account".
Fill in as many fields as possible.

If your Meta ID begins with 21, is that this one is correct.

Account Type : Regular

Leverage : 100

Master Password: Use the same as that of Smartxbot

Investor Password: Use the same as Master Password or a new one

My Account Global Premier Smartxbot Net89
Step 4 / Global Premier

Complete them Bank data.

Go to the tab Withdrawal. Complete the bank details.

Click on "Bank account ", then on" Add an account "on the right.

Choose USDT and fill in your address USDT.
Public chat Binance, L 'address USDT is present on this link.

withdrawal global first ban account smarxtbot net 89
Step 5 / Global Premier

Validate your identity at GlobalPremier

Still in "Withdrawal", click on "identity verification" and fill in your identity document number and attach the photo of it.

identity verification global premier smarxtbot net 89
Step 6 / Smartxbot

Connection between Global Premier and Smartxbot

Sign into your account Smartxbot. Click on the "Profile" tab then "update profile ". Then click on"meta ID"and choose the broker GlobalPremier. Enter your "meta id" (step 3) then your "trading password" as well as your "pin code" Smartxbot (e-mail) and you save.

identity verification global premier smarxtbot net 89
Step 7 / Smartxbot

Buy your license SmartXbot Net89.

Upgrade tab.
Select Forex and broker GlobalPremier.
The price of the robot is equivalent to 1/5 of your investment in the broker.

License and Deposit example:

$ 100 license, if deposit $ 500

$ 300 license, if deposit $ 1500

$ 1000 license, if deposit $ 5000

License purchase smartxbot net89
Step 8 / Smartxbot

Edit your first invoice for the robot Smartxbot

Click on Print, a payment USDT Total will then be requested. You will need to transfer the exact amount to the address USDT Wallet of the company in charge of the robot. Keep the invoice well, you will be asked for it later.

This invoice corresponds to the purchase of your license.

invoice smarxtbot net89
Step 9 / Global Premier

Edit your first invoice for the broker Global Premier

Go to the website Global Premier, on the tab Deposit. The exchanger is Podosugi. It only uses theUSDT as a means of payment. You must therefore indicate your price in US dollars.

invoice smarxtbot net89
Step 10 / Global Premier

Transfer the funds to the broker Global Premier

Once you have clicked on the "Deposit" button, you must transfer the exact funds to the address USDT of your broker.

To do this, return to Binance to this url, and send the exact amount. Do not forget to use the Ethereum (ETH) ERC20 network and add to the initial amount the transfer fees of Binance.

invoice smarxtbot net89
Step 11 / MetaTrader 4

Track your earnings with MT4.

It is a mobile application. Whether you are on Android or Ios, you will find it for free in the stores.

Once installed, we will set it up on your trading account. To do so, go to the site Global Premier.

On the MT4 app, click Settings> New account> Sign in with an existing account.

In the search field, write: GlobalPremier-Live

You can find it on the website GlobalPremier> My Accounts (MT4 ID)

Password: you know it

Click Save

smartxbot net89 mt4 metatrader 4
Step 12 / GlobalPremier

Recover his gains from the robot Smartxbot Net89 at GlobalPremier.

Return to the broker GlobalPremier. Click on My Account, on the select "Action" button, choose "Move Balance" then indicate the amount you wish to recover.

Then return to the homepage and click on Withdraw, then on the "Request Withdrawal" button.

Choose the PODOSUGI exchanger (Reza Shahrani). Indicate the amount you wish to withdraw. The exchanger will take its commission in passing. Submit the request.

smartxbot net89 withdrawal
A godfather, a godson

Each registration is made from a referral link!
And believe me, it doesn't hurt anymore!

It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no previous trading or cryptocurrency experience. This is why, I allow myself to accompany you, to help you set up your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer relevant questions and provide technical support. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I'm auditing it, or I'm suspicious. In addition, you have to be able to manage technical support and accompany your referrals correctly, so I don't take the risk of giving you referral links without restraint.

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