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Robots MetaCapital.
An ecosystem of the best Forex, Crypto and Commodities trading robots.

Meta Capital is a package consisting of several trading robots automatic mechanisms to generate gains on multiple financial markets. For Forex and Commodities robots, these will be linked to the broker Equiti (regulated broker). Payments can be made in crypto but also in dollars or euros, by bank card or by bank transfer.

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Choosing a broker regulated

Start trading with MetaCapital robots

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Let's start the robot registrations

With Equiti, you can leverage the best trading robots in the MetaCapital ecosystem. Equiti is a broker regulated using payments by bank card, SEPA transfer or transfer of cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH and USDT).

Step 1 / MetaCapital

Registration at MetaCapital

PDF tutorial

MetaCapital is a newly created trading company based in Montpellier (France).

Fill in the fields below:



First name

Email Adress:


Pays de résidence

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Step 2 / Equiti

Registration at the broker equity

You must use the same email than the one used to register on MetaCapital.

Register on Equiti Connect to Equiti

Let's start by completing the desired type of account, namely a personal or professional account. The winnings will be transferred in fiat currency such as the euro or the dollar. Referral commissions will be sent every beginning of the month in crypto USDT ERC-20.

Fill in the fields below:

Title: Monsieur, madame, mademoiselle

First name

Last Name

E-mail address

Telephone depending on the country. (+33) for France.

Click on Next

The rest of the steps will be communicated in PDF version on the MetaCapital site when you are registered and connected.
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A godfather, a godson

Each registration is made from a referral link!
And believe me, it doesn't hurt anymore!

It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no previous trading or cryptocurrency experience. This is why, I allow myself to accompany you, to help you set up your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer relevant questions and provide technical support. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I'm auditing it, or I'm suspicious. In addition, you have to be able to manage technical support and accompany your referrals correctly, so I don't take the risk of giving you referral links without restraint.

Autotrade Gold 5.0
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 250

Crypto Autotrade
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Min. ± 1300$

Autotrade Oil
Coming soon
Waiting at Pansaka

Autotrade Forex
Coming soon
Waiting at Pansaka

CopyTrade Expert
Available 2022
Waiting at Pansaka

Goldin Way
Gold Investment
capital min. ± €50

Kucoin bots
Broker Kucoin
capital min. ±$10