4 Crypto Robots

Crypto trading robots

Use Kucoin automatic trading robots according to the currency pairs offered by this internationally recognized exchange. Trade cryptocurrencies every day, every hour, using 4 different strategies (Futures / Spot Grid / Smart Rebalance / DCA).

Register on Kucoin robots Tutorial
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Benefits of Kucoin robots

EA Kucoin bots

Very easy to use. Register on Kucoin. Generate earnings according to algorithms and crypto market trends.

Kucoin trading robot

4 robots with a different investment and risk strategy

With each new launch, you will be the loser. It will take a few minutes / hours for the buying and selling methods to take place correctly. Your earnings will also depend on the evolution, good or bad, of the chosen cryptocurrency.

Strategy 1

Make profits through regular investment

DCA Kucoin robot
Strategy 2
Smart Balance

Distribution of risks over the long term

Robot Rebalance Kucoin

Strategy 3
Grid Futures

Long / Short to take advantage of both trends

Robot Futures Grid Kucoin
Strategy 4
Spot Grid

Special volatility. Method: sell high and buy low

Spot Grid Robot Kucoin
Step 1 / Kucoin

Use your crypto robot Kucoin

Register on Kucoin

Currently, Kucoin trading robots are only available on the Kucoin mobile app.

To use them, go to the application dashboard and click on the icon: Trading Robot

You can choose 4 trading robots according to different strategies.

Spot Grid : These robots exploit the volatility of a cryptocurrency by buying low and selling high often against a stablecoin such asUSDT.

Smart Balance : They spread the risks by trading over the long term.

Grid Futures : These robots alternate the two trends: short and long term.

DCA : These robots generate profits thanks to a regular investment that you will have configured. For example, $ 50 per week.

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Step 2 / Kucoin

Select the currency pair to trade automatically

Choose the currency pair to trade by clicking on the triangle. In the search field, indicate the crypto asset you want to trade againstUSDT.

Then click on one of the displayed proposals. Robots are ranked according to their percentage of earnings per year.

Validate your crypto robot by clicking on the Create button

I advise you to select your cryptocurrency according to its evolution and its trend on Coingecko or Coinmarketcap.
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Step 3 / PTSDI

Configure your robot Kucoin.

Indicate whether or not the asset's price changes and the number of daily orders. Let the robot manage this part alone.

On the other hand, indicate the amount of investment you want to allocate to this robot.

Then click on Create

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Step 4 / Kucoin

Last check of parameters before immediate operation.

Double check the data then click on Confirm

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Step 5 / Kucoin

Deployment of the Kucoin robot.

On the app, you will see the list of robots that are currently working. You can stop them at any time. During each stop, you will have the opportunity to keep the desired assets.

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