Invest in Forex and benefit from the experience of our seasoned traders.

Monthly gains around 10% depending on market conditions. GoldFinder is a semi-assisted trading robot, managed by experienced traders. The robot GoldFinder trade 24 hours a day, Monday to Friday, in scalping mode on several uncorrelated currency pairs such as USDJPY or GBPUSD. Secure placement with one of the world's leading brokers regulated: Vantage Fx.

You have nothing to do with GoldFinder, everything is automated. Once your funds have been deposited, let them trade, collect your gains during the weekends or let your capital grow via daily compound interest.

Register on GoldFinder MyFxBook Results
Goldfinder vantageFX


Lifetime license at Gold Finder.

Offers according to your capital


Minimum deposit on Vantage Fx

± %

Expected gain / month after Profit Sharing

Licence PS  
Goldfinder VIP
✔️ Already working
± 10% $ 10.000 $ 2.000 20% Registration tutorial
Goldfinder Intermediate and
⏳ Coming soon
± 10% $ 5.000 $ 1.000 25% Be on the waiting list
Goldfinder Basic
⏳ Coming soon
± 10% $ 1.000 $ 500 30% Be on the waiting list
We focus on GoldFinder ?

Our feelings about GoldFinder

The robot GoldFinder, available from broker Vantage Fx, is aimed at VIP investors with a certain level of comfort, knowing how to carry out crypto transactions and knowing the risks associated with algorithmic trading. Twelve thousand dollars of entrance fee is necessary to access the Pamm and benefit from the annual license.

without MLM

MLM & Affiliate Link

GoldFinder do not use sponsorship links when registering. No commission on the sale of licenses or on the volume of trades.

Total Confidence

Confidence index

Very good risk management. Traders who have heavily invested in R&D on the bot and on the Pamm. No trades during NFP, CPI and FOMC announcements.

full communication

Internal communication

The team communicates daily on trades and the state of the market.

🗞 GoldFinder Telegram

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Advantages of PAMM GoldFinder

Availability of funds at Vantage FX

Manage and control your own funds at the broker Vantage Fx. There is no visualization of trades on Metatrader 4 or 5, you will have access to the dashboard provided by the broker Vantage Fx. Only you have access to your investment: initial fund + compound interest + gains. The funds can only be recovered during the weekends so as not to affect the trades of the week on the Pamm. Vantage FX insures your financial investment up to $100.000.

automatic trading

Automated trading

No software to install. No trading skills required.

Traders Union: Best Low Spread Forex Brokers

Forex market

Trading robot developed by experienced traders.

yield 10%

normal return

Passive income generating on average low, 10% per month.

trader goldfinder

Strong experience

Strategy implemented for nearly 8 months in real market conditions.

robot accessibility


Start with a minimum capital of $12.000: license + fund


Tracking tool

Results available on the VantageFx dashboard.

15% earnings / month with GoldFinder

From manual trading to monitored robot GoldFinder

Results with 8 months of manual trading. Drawdown less than 5%/day.

The new MyFxBook began on February 6, 2023, during the Fed's big economic announcements. Each result will be available from the MyFxBook and on the Dashboard of Vantage FX so that no one can copy the strategy long studied and implemented by traders.

🔔 In December 2022 and January 2023, traders hardly traded in order to set up the common Pamm.

MyFxBook GoldFinder Monitoring of 2023 results Telegram news


Deposit your funds at Vantage Fx

Start with you register with the broker Vantage FX then deposit the minimum $10 on the Pamm allocated to GoldFinder (payment by credit card, bank transfer or crypto). As a reminder, your funds are secured by the broker VT Market up to $100.


Buy your license in Crypto USDT CRT 20

As soon as the money is with the broker, pay your license GoldFinder then fill in the fields requested on the form Google Form. The start of trades will take place every Monday morning.

Pam management GoldFinder

Personal and/or Pro accounts at Vantage Fx

GoldFinder is managed on a Pamm account Vantage Fx. A Pam account (Percentage Allocated Money Manager) is a general account where all investors have deposited part of their capital. This amount corresponds to a percentage in the Pamm. The account manager knows the allocated percentage of each investor, which allows him to return the profits according to the amount of each. Also note that the fund manager also invests its own funds in this account.

vantagefx personal account

Personal account Vantage Fx

You must open a personal account with VantageFx to use GoldFinder. If you already have one, a Pamm attachment procedure will be necessary. To open an account with Vantage Fx, you must complete your KYC and then deposit your capital of a minimum amount of $10.000.


vantagefx enterprise versus personal account
vantagefx enterprise account

VantageFx Business Account

At Vantage FX, you can have a Business account in order to unlink your money management from your personal account. Earnings will be transferred to your professional account. A corporate KYC must be done and validated by Vantage Fx for this account to be active.

15% earnings / month with Gold Finder

Calculation of profits without including compound interest

The table below is to be taken as an example and cannot reflect the exact reality. It indicates the evolution of your capital according to the amount deposited based on an increasing increase of 10% per month, which the trading robot achieves GoldFinger. Daily compound interest has not been taken into account in this calculation. If you withdraw your earnings every month, you will need a maximum of 6 months to recover your initial investment against 4 to 5 months if you do not withdraw anything during this period of time.

⬇️ Month Deposit: $10.000
Gain 1.500$ / month
Deposit: $20.000
Gain 3.000$ / month
Deposit: $50.000
Gain 7.500$ / month
Deposit: $100.000
Gain 15.000$ / month
1 $ 11.500 $ 23.000 $ 57.500 $ 115.000
2 $ 13.225 $ 26.450 $ 66.125 $ 132.250
3 $ 15.200 $ 30.420 $ 76.050 $ 152.100
4 $ 17.500 $ 35.000 $ 87.450 $ 174.900
5 $ 20.115 $ 40.200 $ 100.600 $ 201.150
6 $ 23.130 $ 46.260 $ 115.650 $ 231.300
7 $ 26.600 $ 53.200 $ 133.000 $ 266.000
8 $ 30.600 $ 61.200 $ 153.000 $ 305.900
9 $ 35.200 $ 70.350 $ 175.900 $ 351.800
10 $ 40.450 $ 80.900 $ 202.300 $ 404.600
11 $ 46.520 $ 93.050 $ 232.620 $ 465.240
12 $ 53.500 $ 107.000 $ 267.500 $ 535.000

⚠️ Important reminders and advice for any investor

Remember that this is a risky investment, you are investing money you do not need to live and your main goal is to recover your initial capital as soon as possible according to your plan. of investment.

Technical support Goldfinder

FAQs / Technical Support GoldFinder

On this site, solutions are offered to help you generate passive income while avoiding trading-related scams as much as possible. With GoldFinder, the traders behind this project, do not want to activate affiliate links so as not to resemble a Ponzi pyramid. It is their right and I respect it. GoldFinder is therefore part of the healthy and complementary solutions offered on this site. Helping to support and promote this new service, I will help you throughout your registration process until the withdrawals of your capital.

Some additional information regarding trades on GoldFinder

7 answers
💬 Who can I contact for answers on GoldFinder ?

You can ask me all your questions about GoldFinder on my Telegram account.

Telegram technical support

💬 How to contact 👨‍🔧 Will to Technical Support GoldFinder ?

In order to help you, we need to know a certain number of elements and determine at which stage you are located. We will therefore ask you:

  • First name + Last name
  • Email
  • Telegram ID and/or Whatzapp
  • MT4 Vantage (if already existing)
  • Pictures or Screenshot
  • Explain as much as possible the blocking point (attachment, deposit/withdrawal problem, pamm dashboard problem, etc.)

Without all this information, it will be impossible to process the ticket correctly.

Telegram Support Email Support

No, that's not possible.
On the other hand, you can group together with investor friends and designate who can manage the account on their behalf. He can collect the winnings and can redistribute them to his friends. Gold Finder works for investors aware of the risks associated with trading. So they imposed the annual license at $2000 (without maximum limit) and the right to trade with a minimum amount of $10.000. Below the $10.000 mark, your account is automatically detached from the Pamm and you will no longer be able to trade.

group friends goldfinder

Goldfinder is made up of a team of seasoned traders in the Forex market. The robot trades from Monday morning to Friday evening, 24 hours a day. There are no trades on weekends as the Forex market and exchanges are closed. There will also be no trades during major economic announcements (NFP, CPI and FOMC) and sometimes even certain weekdays that can be at risk, this would expose money management and increase the drawdown unnecessarily. The robot does not open any positions if there are big announcements expected during the day. The goal is to preserve your capital as much as possible.

Traders pay for servers, all logistics and execute trades with VIP clients ($12.000 min). To get paid, we have to buy an annual license for $2000 and pay 20% profit sharing every weekend. Concretely, when you earn $100, there is $20 that is dedicated to their work (PS = Profit Sharing). When we show you average earnings around 10% per month, we have taken profit sharing into account in the calculation. So stay focused on an average gain of 10% per month net, without additional costs, of course depending on market conditions.

As a reminder, there is no MLM within GoldFinder. This is a high quality trading service that I make available to my telegram community.

As soon as you transform your cryptocurrencies earned with Goldfinder in fiat currency such as the euro or the dollar, you are subject to the flat tax of 30% (see a tax advisor for more information).

If you keep your cryptos without touching them, you are in this case holding and you are not subject to any form of taxation for the moment. Stay informed of laws that can change at any time depending on your country.

You also have the option with the company International SecurePay. As the broker is Australian and you do not carry out the trades yourself, you can use an international carrier company in order to obtain payslips. In this case, Vantage FX will have to send your winnings to the ISP company and you just have to ask ISP to send the money back to your bank account directly.

Tutorial Goldfinder / Vantage FX

Let's start the tutorial GoldFinder

To start the adventure at Goldfinder, you must have a cryptocurrency account such as Binance, Kraken, Coinbase,, Ledger... For the rest of the tutorial, I will take Binance for example. If you pay for everything in crypto, opening a Vantage account and making deposits won't take you more than 30 minutes.

Register on Binance Need help?

Traders at GoldFinder have chosen to work with the broker regulated Vantage FX. It is therefore not possible to use GoldFinder at another broker. Traders have made available a Pamm on Vantage allowing you to trade with your capital without appropriating it. To recover your capital, you must request it from Vantage FX.

Whether on Binance or Vantage FX, you will need to complete a KYC. Prepare some pictures (vouchers) in JPG format and other elements such as:

Photo of your up-to-date identity document, double-sided mode: passport or national identity card or driving license

Photo of proof of address

Facial recognition will be requested on the application Binance

Have slightly more than $12.000 in USDT on Binance in order to be able to pay the license (2000$) and deposit the funds at the broker Vantage FX (min. $10.000).

binance vantage fx tutorial
lift the limit on your credit card

Tips for getting started

Payment by Credit Card or Crypto Transfer USDT CRT 20

In order to facilitate deposits, you can ask your banker to increase the limit of your credit card in order to exceed the $ 12 000.

Tutorial Vantage FX Step 1A

How to register with the broker Vantage FX for the first time?

Register on Vantage FX 💡 I already have an account Vantage FX

To follow this tutorial correctly, I advise you to divide your screen in two. On the left, a window to follow the tutorial; on the right, a window to carry out the procedures on Vantage FX.

If this is your first registration with this broker Vantage FX, It is imperative to use the register button above

Click this link if you are already registered with Vantage FX.

For those who have never registered with the broker Vantage FX, fill in the required fields:

First name

Last Name


Area code + cell phone

Login email

Type of account : (leave as default)

Reference account: (leave blank)

Go to the next step ➡️

vantage fx account opening registration
Tutorial Vantage FX - Step 1B

If you already have an account Vantage Fx, request the connection of your existing account to that of GoldFinder.

If you are already registered on Vantage FX, you must send the email below to our account manager Vantage FX : thomas huszez. Copy paste the items below.

✉️ Recipient email :
✉️ Add in copy:

Message to send to Thomas Huszez:

message body : Transfer request

Can you please link my account Vantage FX to CPA account number 47957?

My login email at Vantage FX East : .........
My User ID is: Surname + First name
My MT4 account number RAW East : .........
My MT4 account number PAMM East : .........

Thank you in advance

Need help?

Email vantage fx pamm attachment goldfinder
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 2

Fill in your personal details in Vantage FX.

Need help?

Please fill in all fields. Except for one, they are almost all mandatory.

First name

Last Name



Phone Number

Date of Birth

Place of birth

Choice of ID

Id number

vantagefx personal details
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 3

Enter your address in Vantage FX.

Need help?

Specify all fields. Regarding the last field, whether you are a US citizen, indicate no. For Americans and Japanese, if you wish to use the services Vantage FX and use the services Goldfinder, you will need to install a VPN.

Pays de résidence

Street number

Name of the street

Department / Region



Checkbox that you are not a US resident.

vantagefx main residential address
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 4

Write the part dedicated to your job and the source of the funds on Vantage FX.

Need help?

The following questions indicate your financial level, your trading experience and protect the broker against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Answer the following questions :

Professional status

Estimated annual income

Estimate of your savings

Estimated deposit amount

Source of funds

Number of trades per week: 16 to 30 trades

Amount traded per week: between $1 and $1000

vantagefx employment financial details
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 5

How to fill in the configuration of your account Vantage FX ?

Need help?

Choose these options:

Trading platform: Metatrader 4

Type of account : Raw

Currency used: US dollar

Remember to click on the checkbox and then click on Next.

vantagefx account configuration
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 6

How to open an additional account Vantage FX ?

Need help?

Click on the button "Open additional accounts" then fill in the requested elements:

Trading platform: Metatrader 4

Account type: PAMM

Currency used: US dollar

Remember to check the box and click Next

vantagefx pamm investor account
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 7

How to change the leverage of his Pamm on Vantage FX ?

Need help?

On the table, you will find the indication "Leverage" with, by default, the effect 100:1. Click on this number and a popup will open.

Change effect to 500:1


vantagefx leverage

Remember to check the box and click Next

vantagefx desired leverage
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 8

Add your ID and proof of address to Vantage FX ?

Need help?

Prepare a photo of your passport or identity card or driver's license.

Then a photo of the proof of address

Upload your images and click Next

It will take a few hours for the Vantage team to validate your attachments. Until this is validated, you will not be able to deposit on the Pamm.
Vantage Fx Proof of identity and proof of address
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 9

How to deposit or add funds to Vantage FX ?

You can pay by crypto transfer or via a card payment if the ceiling allows it.

Click on the button "Deposit funds" then choose the deposit method. Prefer "Cryptocurrency Deposit" transfer using crypto USDT CRT 20 network. You can also use USDC, ETH or BTC.

File USDT on Vantage FX

By using the Crypto deposit, you will come to another page dedicated to the transfer. Choose theUSDT TRC 20 from the top links, then select the Pamm Investor account indicating the amount you wish to deposit in USDT. This amount must be greater than $10.000 USDT during your first deposit to activate the robot.

Tutorial: deposit with Binance Need help?

Once you have validated this step, you will be redirected to an external page, on the partner and secure site in order to make the transfer.

Check the box to display the deposit address USDT TRC 20. Once you have copied it, meeting on binance to send funds.

Vantage FX Deposit funds
Vantage FX trustworthypay
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 10

How to join the strategy GoldFinder ?

Associate GoldFinder à Vantage FX

Click on the blue button to associate GoldFinder at Vantage FX then fill in the required fields. When creating your PAMM Investor account in step 6, you received your username and password by email.

login (MT4 investor account number, received by email in step 7)

Password associated with the email

Minimum initial investment amount

Your capital will only be visible on the Pamm Goldfinder only if you have completed the license and one of the traders has confirmed that everything is correct.

🔑 Keep in mind that the deposited amount will not show on your Pamm until the license has been paid and the proof of deposit has not been transmitted. (see next steps).

vantage fx pamm investor registration
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 11

How to pay for your license GoldFinder ?

License payment Goldfinder in the amount of $2000, must be made in USDT TRC 20 whose address is:


As soon as the payment is made and validated by the traders, your balance on the Pamm Vantage will be credited. Please provide us with proof of the transaction:

Proof of license payment

Your account will be activated as soon as the robot is stopped, such as weekends or economic announcement days.

qr code goldpamm license payment finder

QR Code linked to license payment USDT CRT 20.
Tutorial Vantage FX Step 12

How to access the Pamm Dashboard GoldFinder and follow the results?

Need help?

Once your account is activated, simply click on the button below to follow PAMM activity:

Dashboard GoldFinder

Enter your MT4 Investor credentials and associated password

Server: Vantage International Live 4

MT4 identifiers

Investor Password

Remember that you will not have access to Metatrader 4 or 5 to track your earnings. You will have to go to the dashboard of Vantage FX dedicated Goldfinder. For any question relating to GoldFinder, you can contact me on my Telegram channel

dashboard login goldfinger vantage fx
Tutorial Vantage FX Optional

How to analyze your earnings on the Pamm GoldFinder ?

P&L: Profits and Losses

Profit Current Trading Range : Earnings on the trading interval (from Monday to Friday inclusive) reset to zero every Sunday evening at 23:05 p.m.

P&L of open trades : What is engaged in the current position. Currently in drawdown for position statement (negative or positive depending on the position)

P&L of closed trades : Profit on the account. Total gains or losses realized on closed position.

Trade results : Profit without margin. Currently in position: 3151,57 - 17,08

Cost : Performance fees in Profit Sharing

Net deposit : Customer deposit

sale : Account balance + P&L of closed trades

Funds : Current Equity (Balance - P&L of open trades)

😍 Goldfinder is Safe because in its algorithm, the EA only replays the profit of the trading interval.

goldfinder resume gain vantage fx
Tutorial Vantage FX Optional

How to add funds to the Pamm GoldFinder ?

Need help?

Public chat Vantage Fx, find your Pamm Investor account then click on the "Deposit funds" at the top of the page.

We always advise you to send USDT TRC 20 but you can make a transfer in euros to a Pamm account in USD. Vantage will take care of converting your euros into dollars.

As soon as your funds are visible on the Pamm Investor, return to the dashboards Goldfinder then click on the "Deposit" button. Indicate the dollar amount you wish to add to your Pamm Goldexisting finder. The inter-account transfer will execute. Your funds will be added as soon as the robot stops trading.

Please note that the amount must always be greater than $1. You cannot deposit less.

goldfinder new deposit vantage fx
Tutorial Vantage FX Optional

How to recover your Pamm winnings GoldFinder ?

To make a withdrawal, log in to Pam Goldfinder on Vantage FX then click the Withdraw button.

Dashboard GoldFinder

Indicate the amount you wish to recover. Don't forget that after your withdrawal, you must keep an amount at least equal to the minimum capital required according to your license, otherwise your robot will stop trading. The account manager will validate your withdrawal when the robot is at a standstill so as not to cut off ongoing trades, i.e. on weekends.

Once your funds are withdrawn from the Pamm Goldfinder, they will appear on the Pamm Investor at Vantage FX. Click on the link Withdraw funds, then indicate the amount you wish to receive and the method of receiving the funds.

goldfinder withdraw vantage fx retired