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SDR Money

Discover a range of innovative solutions based on simplified management of daily living expenses thanks to digital fintech.

With DTS Money, get a personal IBAN in your name and a physical crypto card available worldwide. Trade and manage portfolios with an easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange. Pay in fiat currency or crypto.

Open a DTS Money Account

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A new crypto exchange in Europe

DTS Money offers a physical and/or virtual card with 2 options: one free with account fees and another at €15 per month with advanced options and reduced management fees.

Step 1 / DTS Money

Create account SDR Money

Open a DTS Money Account

You can download the DTS Money application and do all the registration on it or do it from a computer. First, fill in your email, password and Referral ID.

Step 2 / DTS Money

Use Google Authenticator

Download the Google Authenticator app to link your identification. This step is mandatory and a guarantee of security.

Step 3 / DTS Money

Your Account SDR Money is created.

Follow the different steps requested by clicking on the "Complete verification" button.

Step 4 / DTS Money

Verify your account SDR Money

DTS Money will ask you for your physical address to send you the CB card. You will also be asked for proof of residence.

Step 5 / DTS Money

The steps are complete.

You will receive an email when the DTS Money team has validated your account and the documents sent.

Step 6 / DTS Money

Welcome to SDR Money

On the left area, you will discover the navigation links.

Step 7 / DTS Money

Apply for your CB card SDR Money

Order your VB card

To obtain the DTS Money card, you must have a credit of 15€ on the site.