Discover DTCoin & DTCircle crypto dedicated to Big Data from DT Socialize Holding

DTCOIN is a cryptocurrency whose value is based both on its network of transactions and on the trading of data generated and collected with the applications present in the DTCircle ecosystem, which was created to make the most of its data. .

DT COIN has chosen to rely primarily on the big data market not only for the volume of trade and its constant demand, but also because it wants to bring value to the big data industry by designing a complete solution . DTCOIN creates a new concept for the data sharing economy, where the user becomes an active player in the data market for the first time.

Buy DTCoin Registration tutorial
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Token price in January 2019

Token price in November 2020

Token price in January 2021

Token price in May 2021

Daniele Marinelli

Discover Ushare and the DT Coin, soon to be listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange

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Step 1 / Registration

Register on share.

Follow the different steps:

PDF Tutorial Back Office

Slide 1 - Registration as Sharer

Slide 2 - Personal data

Slide 3 - Letter of commitment (only for residents in Italy)

Slide 4 - Acceptance of general principles

Slide 5 - Confidentiality

Slide 6 - Email and Login Identification

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dtcoin ushare registration
Step 2 / Ushare

Connection share.

Connect to your Ushare (backoffice) and go to the BUY tab, in the SHOP section.

English version :

French version :

Italian version:

How do you want to buy your DT Coin?

In cryptocurrencies Bank Transfer

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buy ucard dtcoin
Step 3 / Ushare

Buy your Ucard.

Select the Ucard for the desired amount and click on the buy button.

buy ucard dtcoin
Step 4 / Ushare

Check your purchase.

Check the quantity and the price then click on "Complete Order".

On the next page, select the desired cryptocurrency, then validate the 2 check boxes. Then click on the button at the bottom right.

buy ucard dtcoin
Step 5 / Ushare

Finish your purchase by transferring funds.

Go to your crypto wallet to send the exact amount from the crypto (Bitcoin or USDC) you have chosen to the address shown on your screen. Consider adding the crypto transaction fees. You must send the exact amount requested.

buy ucard dtcoin
Step 6 / Ushare

Confirm your purchase by contacting DTCircle Support

Finally, make a message to DTCircle support to tell them the hash number of the transaction you just made from your crypto application.

Click on "Contact Us" and complete the fields below:

Select Website : Social Profit Marketing

Name : Last name and first name

Email : Email address

Subject : Crypto Payment

Tell us a little more about your project? : Indicate the hash number of the transaction you have just made from your crypto application.

message to DTCircle support
Step 7 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 1/7 tokens

We will now follow the steps to purchase the DT Circle. On your Ushare Dashboard, click on Ewallet, then E-wallet summary.

With your Ubalance you buy: 3391,70 / 8,50: 399,02

We will indicate that the digits 399 without the decimals.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 8 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 2/7 tokens

Click on the Shop tab, then Buy

To buy 399 tokens you must choose 3 packs of 100 and 9 packs of 10.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 9 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 3/7 tokens

Choose the quantity then click on "Buy Other Product" to add other products.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 9 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 4/7 tokens

Repeat the previous procedure with the different packages.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 10 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 5/7 tokens

Check the total and go to "Complete Order".

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 11 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 6/7 tokens

Choose "Ubalance" as payment method, check the conditions and continue.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare
Step 12 / DTcircle

Buy DTCircle 7/7 tokens

After a few minutes, the new tokens will be added to the previous ones.

DTcircle CT circle Ushare