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Indonesian company publisher of online and automatic trading software, reliable and efficient, for all audiences. PantheraTrade is a gateway developed to connect Autotrade robots to the broker LegoMarket LCC and the Pansaka company. Panthera Trade provides the API connection (Application Programming Interface). Pansaka is the company that develops and maintains up-to-date trading robots according to the targeted financial markets. ATC Bot (Crypto) and ATG System (Gold) remain the verification site for a good connection to your license.

Gold / Crypto / Oil / Forex

An online automatic trading solution

All over the world, we know that Indonesia is full of luscious landscapes and beaches that are more magnificent than each other. We have known for a few years that they have a pool of specialists in the world of Forex and algorithmic trading. Founded in 2015, the Pansaka company has continued to develop reliable and efficient trading tools. One of them is particularly popular with many individuals and investors. This is the trading robot, Autotrade Gold 5.0, available on the gold market since March 2020. Since 2015, the Pansaka company continues to grow, develop, test and make available new robots, each more efficient than the other.

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Indonesian society

Investment advisory firm based in Jakarta and Java.

ptsdi trading bot

Trading robots

Specialist in the development of reliable and efficient trading robots.

automatic trading ptsdi

Automated trading

No need for software or VPN. The tools are automatic and autonomous.

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more than 50 users

Many investors join the Pansaka company by recommendation.

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Deposit your funds by secure transfer using the innovation of the blochchain.

ptsdi metatrader 4

Metatrader 4

Free application to track daily earnings.

PTSDFI / Pansaka trading robots

Investment / Diversification Strategy

We have little information about the new Trading products (Forex and Oil) from the company Pansaka, formerly PTSDI, but we assume that each robot will have its own license depending on the capital traded. Autotrade Gold 5.0 is attached to LegoMarket LCC From Panthera Trade. We look forward to the results of each robot: Crypto, Oil and Forex to diversify properly.

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Get commissions on the trading volume of your referrals and on the sale of licenses. Each registered person has their affiliate link on Pantheratrade and Pansaka.

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Affiliate Fees
Per $ 1000 investment
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0,5$ 0,2$ 0,1$ ✖️ ✖️
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Autotrade Gold /Crypto/Oil/Forex

Use the trading robots of the Pansaka company

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It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no previous trading or cryptocurrency experience. This is why, I allow myself to accompany you, to help you set up your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer all your questions and provide technical support. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I audit it or I am suspicious. In addition, you have to be able to manage technical support and support your referrals properly, so I don't take the risk of giving you unrestrained referral links.

Autotrade Gold 5.0
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🥇 Capital min. ± $ 250

Crypto Autotrade
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🥇 Capital min. ± $ 1300

Autotrade Oil
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Autotrade Forex
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