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Golden Way is a company based in Dubai and managed by Olesia Galusha, Ukrainian businesswoman specializing in gold trading for more than 25 years. Golden Way is attracting more and more investors and Network Marketing professionals by rewarding them with bonuses of 3 to 5% per week.

We are in the testing phase on this business. We do not have enough evidence to assess its reliability. So, beware.
Goldin Way Gold Dubai Sierra Leone

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Invest in gold and diamonds

Golden Way, your gold mine in Sierra Leone

Golden Way has its own gold mine in Sierra Leone where it extracts the ore by integrating all the stages of transformation such as refining, remelting of gold into ingots or ingots. Golden Way invests to extract gold in order to transform it and market it through its network of partners and its online store.

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Gold, a safe haven

Gold has always been the best financial support

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Strong profitability

With our Goldin Way, generate up to 360% annual profit.

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Recurring payments

Receive your profits every week if you want.

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Network Marketing

Take advantage of very advantageous sponsorship offers.

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Payment method

Ethereum, Bitcoin, Money order, Bank transfer and credit card

goldin way dubai

Goldin Way

25 years of experience. Located in Dubai since 2009


Investment and Profitability

Example of profitability with monthly payment (see table below)

You opt for a contract worth € 1000 with payment of your interest each month. You therefore generate 3,5% interest per week, or € 35 per week for 52 weeks (1 year), which generates 182% interest received over the year, or € 1820. At the end of the contract, you can recover your initial investment, 1000 € in the form of gold deliverable to you, or you choose to have this gold bought back by the company. Goldin Way for 15%.

Let us take a concrete example, if you choose to buy back gold by GoldIn Way at the end of the contract, you will recover 850 € (1000 € - 15%) + your interest received over the year, i.e. 1820 €. You earn € 2670 (€ 1820 + € 850), i.e. 167% of real net profit by choosing this monthly formula.

Golden Way gold ingot 5g 10g 50g
Recurrence of payments 1 week 1 months 1 trimester 1 year
Interest / week 3% 3,5% 4% 5%
Payment of dividends 3% 14% 52% 260%
Total profit over the year 256% 282% 308% 360%
Net profit over the year 156% 182% 208% 260%

Programme d'affiliation Goldin Way and remuneration.

Lise has joined Golden Way and signed a gold purchase contract with an investment of 1000 €. Lise sponsors Karim, Tom and Olivier who each signed a contract with an investment of 1000 €. Lise's structure goes to € 4000, so she becomes Gold Manager. Lise will therefore earn 11% sponsorship on the 1000 € of Karim, Tom and Olivier, or 3 x 110 €.

Let's continue the simulation with Karim.

Karim talks about Golden Way to his friend Joe who decides to take out a contract for 1000 €. Karim's structure goes to 2000 €. He therefore becomes a manager. Karim will earn 10,5% on all his direct, that is to say 105 € of sponsorship on the 1000 € of Joe. Lise, for her part, who is rank Gold Manager, already affects 11% of his direct. She will earn the% difference between her and Karim for Joe's part. That is to say, she will receive the difference between her 11% sponsorship and Karim's 10,5% sponsorship. Lise will earn 0,5% on Joe's € 1000, or € 5.

Goldin Way affiliation sponsorship remuneration

Frontline turnover bonus

Get an extra bonus for first line turnover.

Rank Gain on first line sales Annual bonus
Ground floor 50€ 0€
Manager 500€ 15€
Gold Manager 2.500€ 60€
Mentor 10.000€ 225€
Gold Mentor 50.000€ 1.200€
Director 500.000€ 7.500€
King Diamond 150.000.000€ 750.000€
A godfather, a godson

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It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no previous trading and cryptocurrency experience. That is why, I allow myself to accompany you, to help you set up your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer all of your questions and provide technical support.

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