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The business model of trading companies offers investors the opportunity to participate in the financial markets of fiat currencies, commodities, precious metals and cryptocurrencies. With the trading robots offered, you do not need experience or skills in the field of finance or IT development. Let the trading algorithms take care of your capital intelligently and carefully, we have selected them for this.

Out of kindness, I will guide you and answer your questions, but keep in mind that the risk of loss is just as important as the accumulated gains. Only invest the amount you are prepared to lose. Start and test the proposed robots with a small starting capital to understand their strategy.

robot without stock market knowledge

Little knowledge required

Generate automatic passive income by investing prudently.

passive income with forex

Almost nothing to do!

Sign up, deposit your funds and let the robots trade for you.

regular earnings available immediately

Regular earnings

Collect your earnings regularly and all of your funds at all times.

Trading robots and financial opportunities

Trading robots tested for several months, reliable and efficient

Since trading has ceased to be the prerogative of experts, trading robots have invaded the Internet and can generate financial gains for individuals. These robots have become popular for trading automatically, on behalf of their users, saving them valuable time. As there are many scams on the subject, we test, analyze and recommend certain trading algorithms more than others.

Turbo Forex Trading Robot
Available since 2020

Turbo Bot 🏆

Designed to trade the currency market with low risk management and high frequency trading techniques. Forex based scalping method.

✅ Turbo Trading
Autotrade Gold Trading robot
Available since 2020

AutoTrade Gold 🏆

It is designed to trade XAU/USD pair with low risk management and short term scalping strategy. Scalping strategy dedicated to the gold market.

✅ Autotrade Gold 5
Autotrade Forex Trading Robot
Available end of 2022

AutoTrade Forex

AutoTrade Forex is an Indonesian-based forex trading robot. ATFx will be available after summer 2022.

✅ Autotrade Forex
Autotrade Oil Trading Robot
Available end of 2022

AutoTrade Oil

It is designed for trading the oil market. ATO will aim to bet up or down depending on the price per barrel of oil.

✅ Autotrade Petroleum
Autotrade Forex Trading Robot
Available end of 2022

AutoTrade Forex

AutoTrade Forex is an Indonesian trading robot based on the fiat currency market. Autotrade Forex will be available after summer 2022.

✅ Autotrade Forex
Meta Capital Robots

MetaCapital Robots

Ecosystem of 18 robots including 2 in crypto linked to the API Binance. The other bots will be linked to the broker regulated Equiti.

FlashBot, FlashCoin...
Smartxbot Trading robot
Stopped robot

Smartxbot / Net 89

Designed to trade the EUR / USD pair, the primary mode of operation of SmartXBot is based on the trend and trading of short positions. Less efficient than ATG.

Smartxbot / Net89
Kucoin Crypto Trading Robot
Reliable robots

Kucoin Crypto Robots

One of the best exchanges offers 4 robot strategies according to the desired currency pairs. Very good for a bull market in DCA.

✅ Kucoin Bots
Goldin Way
Seems ok

Goldin Way

System for purchasing gold and diamonds with payment in crypto currencies, in Fiat currency or by bank transfer.

✅ Goldin Way
DNA PRO Trading Robot


Indonesian trading robot trading the gold market. Profit sharing system like Smartxbot.

fahrenheit crypto

Fahrenheit Robot

Indonesian trading robot trading the crypto market at the broker Lotus International.

Fin888 Trading Robot
Stopped robot


Fin 888 is an Indonesian trading robot based on fiat currency trading. Fin888 was a stable robot but less efficient thanAutotrade Gold.

Coved Trading Robot
To avoid


Designed to trade the EUR / USD pair, Coved is one of the best software combined with artificial intelligence and one of the most advanced risk management technologies.

❌ Covered
Crushtip Trading Robot
To avoid


It is designed to trade the EUR / USD pair with low risk management and a short term scalping strategy.

❌ Crush tip
Elitrob Trading Robot
To avoid


Designed to trade multiple currency pairs, Elitrob continuously analyzes the Forex market, looking for key institutional levels and areas with high trading probability.

❌ Elirob
Bit Robot Trading Robot

Bit robot

It is designed to trade multiple currency pairs and crypto under a scalping and day trading strategy.

❌ BitRobot
AI Marketing
Suspicion Ponzi

AI Marketing

Advertising-based cashback system.

❌AI Marketing
Ovnitrade Trading Robot


Discover 3 robots specialized in scalping and day trading supervised by 12 professional traders and trading the main monetary currencies.

❌ Onitrade

Upgrade and Monitoring of some trading robots

We audit certain trading robots that we believe are reliable and sustainable over time. Here is a non-exhaustive list of trading robots that we follow or have followed very closely: Smart Evo, Maestrem, GoldMine, Pipskiller, RoyalQ, BTS, Fortune8, RoboTop, King Trader, LVBet, Algate, Alyssa, Agility, Class VIP, Ferrari, Ricabot, Vega88, Euro Miner, Millionnaire Prime, Dragon, DGP Bot, Alphabet, Smartech, IQSmart, SpecialS , Ninebot, ISM, Viggo, AIC Genius, Anti MC, Ximple Trade, Crown, ER, MR X999, GTA88, Jaderock 78, RX1, Pro-100, Notheory, Sun Star Indo, Infinity Gold, GBPUSD, Index Scalper, Diamond, Bibot, ISM, GatotkacaFX, ProMax, Copet ...

⚠️ We have identified type robots (Scams / Ponzi): EvoTrade, Eureka, Mark AI, King Coin, Antares, Sparta, Shigeru, King Gold, Mandaka, Voltnexo, LogicPro, Jokermoon, Tron Life, Zeppelin, HTFox, Skidn ...

Even the best traders rely on robots to trigger their orders in the markets.

They are faster, calculate faster, and are devoid of emotions.

Auto trading robots are automated systems that work according to the parameters or schedules set by their teams of traders. Once connected to your broker, the robot will automatically take positions in the financial markets without any human intervention, which eliminates errors caused by human emotions.

These softwares have been designed with the aim of automating the trading process and achieving sustainable profits, with a good risk/reward ratio. These advanced algorithms combined with artificial intelligence constantly analyze the market, automatically open and close trades with good fund management (maximum drawdown of 3% ideally), using instructions based on mathematical, statistical and specific stock market indicators.

Our team Pantheratrade has developed several partnerships with different experts in the field of automated trading.

Each robot has its own trading strategy depending on the target market. They are constantly monitored, updated according to economic news and optimized by a team of professional traders.

This continuous optimization process is essential to ensure successful long-term results. The Forex market is a very fluid and constantly changing environment. This level of optimization ensures that the algorithms stay on top and everything works as it should.

"If you're new to the world of trading robots, take my advice: bet the money you don't need, let it trade, then collect your winnings until you get your initial bet back. After that, it's just Bonus."

Example of passive return

Use the Combo
Robot / Crypto / Stacking.

Here is one of the investment strategies to generate passive income while diversifying as much as possible:

Use one or more trading robots by depositing funds with brokers respective.

With the gains generated, buy cryptocurrencies on the main exchanges (Binance, Coinbase or even

Trade or hold your cryptomonnaies in order to generate monthly interest and / or buy everyday products and services with your crypto such as Binance Card for your food shopping, hairdresser, gasoline, subscriptions and leisure...

algorithmic crypto trading
Technical support Autotrade Gold

Stable and efficient trading robots

Invest and diversify

Learn more about trading robots

4 questions / answers

Investing in an automatic trading bot is an increasingly common approach that can be very profitable. Note that high-frequency trading accounts for nearly half of orders placed in France and 70% of orders placed in the USA. These figures clearly show the effectiveness of this type of financial investment.

Several advantages are to be noted with trading robots:
- first of all, they make it possible to generate a better valuation of assets, prices adapt continuously to market demand,
- the market becomes more liquid, easier to buy and sell
- they reduce trading costs for both companies and individuals

Today, there are several types of risky investors who use automatic trading robots:

People looking to diversify their sources of income
More and more individuals want to engage in trading in order to generate additional income. Trading robots are a very good alternative in this case because they allow you to invest in the financial markets without having as many skills as professional traders.

Professional traders
We find a growing number of traders who use trading robots, as is the case with the robots that I present to you on the current website. Indeed, automated trading requires less work while allowing to generate substantial income. Traders are still careful to select quality trading robots that offer profitable and thoughtful signals.

Regulars of financial investment
Investors are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to diversify their capital. Trading robots are a technique that increasingly attracts this type of profile. Indeed, when these investors come across good robots, they do not hesitate to invest substantial sums.

My goal is to support you in registering the robots presented. Through my site, I only show you trading robots that I have analyzed for many, many weeks. Of course, there is always a risk because, let us remember, each trading robot remains a risky investment and can therefore generate losses.

I provide you with all the information you need to get started in automatic trading, in complete transparency. The goal is for you to know exactly what you are getting into without any unpleasant surprises upon arrival.

Throughout my life, I have always been keen to share in order to allow those around me to progress. It's a bit the same with the site The simple fact of knowing that I am participating in the development of your project is a real satisfaction for me.

Trading and cryptocurrencies have become a real passion since 2017. I have spent many hours analyzing these new markets and the new sources of investment that result from them. Now, my goal is to share this passion with you so that you can enjoy it.

Today there are several types of trading robots. The profile of these robots varies according to market developments. Thus, some markets are rather stable while others will have more pronounced trends, more volatility.

Trend neutral trading robots
Range-type trading robots focus more specifically on markets that are stable and not very volatile. These trading robots depend on a technical indicator (a sequence of points allowing an analysis of stock market securities in order to predict the way in which prices will evolve). The Range type trading robot will examine these technical indicators continuously and perform buying and selling actions when the market becomes overbought or oversold.

Trading robots for trend following
This type of trading robot will make sure to spot the trends that are issued on the market by opening positions that follow the dominant trend thereof. Thus, each time the robot detects a trend that can be profitable, it will open or close positions. Note that it only takes into account signals that are not against the trend.

High Frequency Trading Robots (THF)
They are the most competitive trading robots. They are mostly created by financial institutes. They are able to carry out orders in just a few seconds (scalping). The purpose of high frequency trading is to exploit small regular fluctuations.

A godfather, a godson

Each registration is made from a referral link!
And believe me, it doesn't hurt anymore!

It is not easy to start this type of adventure when you have no experience in trading or crypto currencies. This is why I allow myself to accompany you, to help you to configure your accounts between your broker (broker) and your trading robot, answer relevant questions and provide technical support when possible. If you can't find the affiliate link on some robots, it's because I don't want to mention it: either I'm analyzing it right now, or I'm suspicious. In addition, you must be able to manage technical support and accompany your referrals correctly, so I do not take the risk of giving you referral links that do not seem to me to be more than 95% reliable.

Broker FxWinning
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 500

Autotrade Gold 5.0
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Capital min. ± $ 300

Crypto Autotrade
Broker ASIC registered
🥇 Min. ± 1300$

Autotrade Oil
Broker regulated or unregulated
Pending on V3

Autotrade Forex
Broker ASIC registered
Pending on V3

CopyTrade Expert
No information
Pending on V3

Golden Way
Purchase of gold bars
capital min. ± €50

Kucoin bots
Broker Kucoin
capital min. ±$10